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Is there a delay for receiving crown packs after they are bought

Soul Shriven
I bought a 1500 crown pack 5 days ago and got an email saying the funds have been added to my wallet but have not received them, is there a 1 week delay or something
  • Beardimus
    Not normally on console at least.
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  • Ekalb
    Soul Shriven
    I play on console
  • Alucardo
    Generally the crowns are added instantly once purchased. There used to be a lot of issues with console users not receiving their crowns, so I'd contact support to find out what's going on, especially if it has been 5 days.
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  • Mojmir
    Within seconds
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  • altemriel
    on PC no, when you buy it trought crown store, the activation is instant, you should check the collections menu in the game and there the DLC tab ;)
  • Elmour0Fudd
    depends on the server your in,
    in the PTS you'll find it there, EU server and NA server same confused me once had bought the largest pack at time on sale but was in the PTS NA (PC), went out and came back lol and logged into NA server lol and panic occurs where's the 5500 crowns .... arrrgh ,
    then remembered it was sitting in the PTS, lo and behold there it was,
    panic over
    could also be related to character but don't think it goes that far just which server.
    hope you've found them
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    • Snarrffffff

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    oh what fun
  • Brrrofski
    Sometimes there's a delay, but it's like an hour or so. I usually just reboot the game if I haven't had them in 5 minutes.

    5 days sound like there's an issue. I'd put a ticket in.
    Xbox One EU
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