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No longer relevant. Simply ignore :)

No longer relevant nor accurate.
Found a guild I'm happy to stay in :)
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  • ArchedRaven
    Soul Shriven
    Hey hey...have a look at the 'Lone Wolf help' thread in the same section as your post. Sounds like what you're after.
  • CeeJonesy
    You should have a look at DKG

    We are a play how you want guild who are cross faction. We have a trader every now and again but it's not the best, to make up for that we can get you a place in one of the top trading guilds (such as LoA in mournhold) with ease if you need to sell a lot.

    Gameplay wise we do "drop in" trials every day and we help with gear progression as well as give build help (we have several a lot of people who have done all vet content). We also have a few strong PvP players in the guild who can help in cyrodill if you need it.

    If you are interested pop a message in the thread I linked and we will invite you asap.
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