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A new campaign

I just hashed out this idea with a few friends in a matter of minutes...and it could prove to be what saves PVP.

A new campaign where AP earning is disabled. A campaign in which AP farming is non existent and playing the map is absolutely necessary. Ideally, this would be a new 15 day campaign with a guaranteed 5 gold item reward for those in the winning faction who fall within the top 2% at the EOC and a new 30 day campaign with a guaranteed 10 gold item reward for those in the winning faction within the top 2% at the EOC.

Currently I don't feel as though there is enough incentive for a faction to come in first at the end of campaign. While I feel this is the case, I still believe there need to be campaigns where AP can be the existing campaigns where it already happens and the people doing it just don't care about the map. The EOC rewards don't incentivize them enough to care. But leave it as it is.

This could aid in breaking up the zergs while giving the more competitive and strategic pvpers something else to do.

The only issue would be how to crown an emp without an AP system. I thought of perhaps a counter on keeps defended/captured. Resources are too easy to take to be able to include them. A true emperor would be present at the most significant of battles...keep defenses and captures....and not be spending their time in Imperial City or capturing/farming resources.

This is just a thought....but perhaps we could do a lot of good in PVP by moving a couple of campaigns in this direction. Post your thoughts.
  • Luigi_Vampa
    What qualifies as top 2% with no AP?
    PC/EU DC
  • Ahk1lleez
    Typhoios wrote: »
    What qualifies as top 2% with no AP?

    Keep Captures/Defenses.
  • Luigi_Vampa
    Ahk1lleez wrote: »
    Typhoios wrote: »
    What qualifies as top 2% with no AP?

    Keep Captures/Defenses.

    Seems like it would just encourage zerging an PvDoor.
    PC/EU DC
  • Ahk1lleez
    Large scale battles were meant to be the draw to ESO, not to mention its PVP. Zerging is already encouraged in the current state of play, especially in the current 30 day campaigns. What I'm looking for is a set of campaigns that revolve around keep captures and defenses and dissuade people from farming bridges/gates/outposts when there are much more important things to deal with.

    In this type of would encourage zerging....but there would be much less PvDoor as people wouldn't be nearly as inclined to farm bridges/gates/outposts/resources as they are now due to the AP they receive from them currently.
    Edited by Ahk1lleez on September 25, 2016 1:53AM
  • Luigi_Vampa
    I just think it would reward night capping, hence "PvDoor" and reward people who afk in seiged keeps with the same amount of points as someone who actually defended. At least with AP, you get more points if you are actually killing people by yourself. Even though every defender gets the same AP D-tick, you get more AP in total if you were actually killing people during the fight.
    PC/EU DC
  • pod88kk
    10 gold items for nightcapping as if they don't get enough rewards already
  • MrCal
    How about just world pvp with flagging. Type /pvp and be flagged.. type /pvp and it'll take 5mins to unflag. It worked great for Star Wars Galaxies when Imperials or Rebels outnumbered the other in the pvp zone.

    The problem with campaigns is it unbalance of population. It's usually one sided.

    With One Tamriel coming out im sure it could work well, even throw some guild wars into it.
  • Loicozor
    Ap gain for whole faction and not personal, redistribute by % at the end of campaign at all Peops helping.
    Faction with more ap win.

    Sounds fun on paper.
    But foreal just keep the megazerg up for farming ap.
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  • raviour
    totally agree ap farmers kill pvp

    just give rewards for kills and def/attack in gold instead of ap so we can buy sieges etc. All know that PvPers are poor anyway. Or just reward us with siege engines and stones after a capture or defence.

    agree also the emp thing and alliance war trees should be to do with time spent around caps or defence. PuG leads should get bonus too.
    Edited by raviour on October 30, 2016 2:17AM
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