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Unable to zoom out

Having a problem I can't explain... When I go to travel (from wayshrine or just from looking at the map) and try to zoom the map out to see other areas it will only zoom to the end of the area I'm in and won't zoom out to world view so I can change areas. In other words, if I'm in Wrothgar and want to travel to Stonefalls I zoom the map out and when it hits the fully zoomed view of Wrothgar it should then change to world view map so I can look at other territories but it does not... It stops at the fully zoomed Wrothgar view and will not zoom out further. Never had this problem, it wasn't doing this late last night, and yes, I did log out/log in with no fix and this also happens on all my characters, not just one. I know I'm not doing something wrong cuz this is how I always have accessed travel to other areas in the past and last night it worked fine but now it doesn't.
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