Why no EU-PC (or EU-PS/XBOX anyway) events on teso-rp.com?

http://teso-rp.com/events makes me envy. I don't know the quality of these events, but at least it's an opportunity to meet other RPers and do something of it. I'm not of an organizer type, but hey... how about we do something about this? Maybe even a sort of general RP guild, with a great quest to promote roleplay on our beloved megaserver? Not just "join us to find some people to RP with", but actively work on it in cooperation with other RP guilds, including filling up that events page?

If anyone out there who feels the same, please tell so i'd know i'm not alone.
  • Arshiya
    I am frustrated myself with it, even though there are said rp spots I never noticed anyone roleplaying so far. And I am mostly around Wayrest which is supposed to be one of said spots. But I got to give it to US, no matter what games I play they always seem to be more active in actual roleplay than EU.
    I am well aware that there is no need to feed that often. I just want to. Amy.
    Otherwise I play on PC platform on EU.
  • arpadsweb16_ESO
    Much of the EU RP community has moved away from advertising, covering or even using teso-rp because since game launch there's been a sense of heavy bias towards NA in both coverage and overall focus by the owners and mods - in order to peel from the EU side or thwart its growth.
  • Dak2099
    I asked the same thing on teso-rp.com forums a couple of days ago. So far, 169 views but no replies.

    I do not want to grind a character and walk Tamriel like Cain from Kung-fu if there is limited or no roleplay anywhere.

    I would have to consider starting from scratch and join the NA Server. The only problem, apart from grinding again, from my point of view of the time difference. The UK being several hours behind our US counterparts as we all know.
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