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Didn't unlock achievement or title for completing CP160 vet Hel Ra.

So... I don't even know... I sent a support ticket and quickly got a response:

"I have been going over this situation you have found worries for, I see that you have had some fear for when completing and going all the way through the Hel Ra you were never granted your achievement!

As a huge fan of MMO gaming myself, I can truly understand how heart breaking this entire situation can be. Especially, after putting so much dedicated time and work into your run through in game. Only to see all your hard work suddenly disappear and feeling you have been entirely left empty handed. I am sincerely sorry that this devastating issue has happened to your beloved character.

I am incredibly sorry to inform you that since we are only Customer support, that being said we do not have the power to grant to players achievements or titles in game. I really do wish that there was some way for us to be able to, unfortunately we just do not have any possible way to grant this to your account.

Please know we are just so incredibly sorry that this has happened to you. I really do hope you can bear through another run through to earn your title. If you do decide to give it a try once again, please know I wish you luck in your journey and hope you may be able to fully gain your title! You are a fantastic gamer and you truly do deserve it!

Please do let us know if you may have any other questions or concerns for your game. We are always more then happy to help with any trouble or concerns you may face. Also please know I will be ensuring that this trouble you have found is sent to the relevant teams attention. Thank you for all of your information on this matter."

So you can relocate characters and restore missing/deleted items or characters. But you can't grant me an achievement that I've already completed what is required to unlock it... What makes you think I'm going to get an achievement running it again when it didn't give it to me the first time, let alone find another group that can do it?

My point is I want that achievement and title I deserve and support wasn't helpful.

Also for the "any other questions or concerns": Will this game ever be fixed properly?
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