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Kicks from the game

In the morning I can not normally play, eject from the game.
Slowly loaded locations, the delay in the application of skills, then throws.
With input too probelmy include times from the fifth to the game.
  • Malfalas
    What timezone are you in? It may be that you logged on during peak hours, where traffic is highest. Try using a ping test from the Internet, if you get a decent result, (below 500 ping for me) test another online game and see how the connection is. Your internet connection may be the problem - however, if your ping comes out fine and other games are working well, you might want to consider contacting Customer Support.

    Also, regarding the kicks, do you get any error messages? Try uploading a screenshot of them if you do. Usually when I get kicked from the game for no reason, it's because my somewhat sluggish internet sends too many inputs at the same time which causes the game to think that you are spamming.
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  • vic4ert
    everything will work itself
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