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Healer Looking for Dungeon and Trials

Soul Shriven
With my working schedule i can only play every couple days, but am looking for dungeons and trials, would prefer to do veteran, but unsure of my compatibility with the difficulty spike as i am yet to go further than normal, would love to meet people and make friends, im kinda lonely XD would love some companions, if your not in a guild please feel free to add me,

@Shiluvah (ingame)

Shilva - Magplar, Shiluvah - DK Tank, Shiluva - Stam Sorc

CP 561 +
  • MipMip
    I am not sure if you are looking for a guild... but just in case: you could check out alitheso.com. We have no rules about how much you have to be online and you certainly won't be lonely :) We have many events (PvE at all levels, PvP, social - including our naked horse races :)) and people often get together for dungeons and trials spontaneously as well
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