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pvp patch

Is there gonna be a huge patch to fix pvp?
  • olsborg
    Altmer Sorceror, magicka
    Bosmer Nightblade, stamina.
    Imperial Templar, stamina
    Redguard Warden, stamina

    Aldmeri Dominion!
    PC EU
    PvP only
  • Ckiller138
    Yes? Hope so
  • Ckiller138
    What do you think they will fix
  • FearlessOne_2014
    I think they will start turning all of the magicka based abilities in the game into stamina based abilities. And usher in a new age for ESO. Where no one will have to deal with those pesky wizards and mages tickling them anymore. That's scenario A.

    Scenario B. Who be that ZOS reduces the damage and heals that spells can do. At the same time of increasing their cost. At the same cost increasing the damage and heals that feats do. While decreasing their stamina costs.

    Scenario C, which is the more likely one. In ZOSes bid to push everyone willing to play their intentionally imbalanced MMO to buy race changes and more character slots. Give magicka based players more useless gear options. While at the same time pushing out gear options for stamina based players. That comes with a monster set that (1 piece = Max stamina, 2 piece = %12 chance if player has 64 points into stamina to deal 20k unresistable damage every 4 secs.) Then on top of that release a set that has ( 2 peice = Max Stamina, 3 piece = Stamina Regen 4 piece = Weapon Damage, 5 piece = deal 12k AOE disease damage to 5 targets in a 12 meter area, whenever you are below %75 max stamina, every 5 secs) Then the last set that comes with weapons and rings and neck and armor has. ( 2 piece = Stamina Regen, 3 piece = weapon damage, 4 pieces = weapon damage, 5 pieces = %20 chance every time you evade a attack a pool of poison spawns under the attacker, dealing 12k damage every second for 5 seconds, this ability can only happen once every 10 seconds.)

    Yall get the point. Much fun painted that picture for yall.
    Edited by FearlessOne_2014 on September 18, 2016 10:16PM
  • Cathexis
    Ckiller138 wrote: »
    Is there gonna be a huge patch to fix pvp?
    olsborg wrote: »

    The Tomb of FPS Alteration Magic - Everything You Need to Know About FPS
    Praise Malacath.
  • jhharvest
    Ckiller138 wrote: »
    Is there gonna be a huge patch to fix pvp?
    The patch after the next, so early 2017? The One Tamriel patch currently on PTS doesn't have any balancing work, just major reworking of various loot systems and PVE content. The patch following that is supposed to be a balancing patch. Assuming One Tamriel hits October, the next quarter from that would then be early next year.
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