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looking for Guild Partnership

I dunnow if this is the right place or even the right question.

We have small guild with guildstore capability however the cost of obtaining and keeping a public guildstore is both prohibitive and extremely frustrating. I understand it is possible to negotiate a 'Partnership' with a big Trading Guild so that our members can trade through them to the benefit of our own Bank/guild. We have no idea if this is possible or how it works so really could do with some advice/help.
Can anyone help please or is this a pipedream?

Thank you
^ cp 549 characters - best game ever playerd ( actually the ONLY game ever played so who am I to judge others).:D
  • thepurestone
    im interested. i could invite your top 10 sellers and they could sell through our well established guild. We always have a good trader (14 weeks in a row now). 480+ players
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