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Serjustin19's Story and Poem Collection. (Warning. Will be Very Very Long Read. You've Been Warned)

The Life Of Princess Justine: Part 3 (January 29, 2017)

Somewhere. In the very midst of no where. At least. No where specific. An location. That is very well hidden. In its dark, deep, gloomy place of sorrow and misfortune.

Misfortune for there victims whom are being called at least. In a very dark and ancient ritual. To this day. The very practice of Dark Sacrament. Is still being used.

For the great children, eagerly awaits the answer of the Mother. Who the Mother would gladly listen to her children. For a price of course. The price of the said children's victim.

The same goes for the Mother's new child. The child. Who wants to destroy a certain someone. For his hatred even grows further for her.

For she must answer for her crime and must pay the ultimate price. For tis why he was here today. As of right now. In this, dark, gloomy, unknown place for those who are very unaware. But for those whom are aware. There very calls will be answered. In whole.

For he is willing and gladly. To serve his new Mother with pride. This great Pink Lizard with 2 huge horns on top of his head. Blue but wicked eyes.

Silently. He spoken softly and strong. But solemn voice. Then breeze began to stir. Then breeze began to become stronger. As this Pink lizard. Began to preach loudly and more vigorously.

"Sweet Mother, Sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear" " As it has always been foretold"

Then. The breeze stopped. All was silent for a bit. Suddenly a sweet woman's voice. Of unknown, but ancient orgin asked.

" What is your name. My Child?"

" My name is Lizard Born, adoptive son. Of his great and Majestic Father. He who must ever be named loudly. The very Father who curses all. Who seeks the very destruction of Tamerial.

The very Father who is patient. But not at same time. He who is quick to anger. He who is in competition with Sheogorath. My great lord of all and my adoptive father. I am the proud son of Molag Bal."

"Very well, My Child, Whose called Lizard Born, Adoptive son of Molog Bal. Who is the one who must be named?" Asked the Mother in a whisper of glee.

"Her name. She is called. Princess Justine. Adoptive Daughter of A great and powerful Orc Chieftain. You Scream First Than I.

However. I have no dispute with her father. You Scream First Than I. I only have a dispute just for Princess Justine. She must be answered and pay for her crimes"

" Very well. It shall be done with Outpost pride. Thank you for stopping by my child. Whom I forgot. Neither less. I will inform my listener. A very good Kajit who does good in what he do. Dreams of Dragonwhales. Have a wonderful day"

The End For Now.


All Hail Her Majesty, Empress Regent Frintiviar! (Decemver 2015)

All hail Her Majesty, Empress Regent Frintiviar! May her reign end early! For I grew weary of her false words. May she live happily ever after suffering vacation. May she play with pink fury bunnies. With red gleaming eyes and wicked smile for all eternity. For I spat! For she is a false Empress indeed!"

" Hey! Hey! Wait! What are you doing with me?!" As I was suddenly being pulled by my collar. " It wasn't me! It was the statue over yonder that said it" The guard just rolled her eyes. Thinking I was truly insane. "Yea right. I heard that one before!" She exclaimed "Of you go now" "No!" I cried aloud.

So I turned and looked at the statue. The eyes grew red. The mouth turned to silent laughter. With a sign the statue was holding. That came out of nowhere. Which read. " Mahhaaha!" While the other hand was pointing at itself. as if trying to exclaim, "That's right. Whose the most wicked statue that ever sought to bring misery? I am!"

"No!" I exclaimed with pure misery indeed. Yet trying to fight the guard at same time. The guard stopped and looked. Where I was yelling at. The guard shook her head. Stating the fact to herself that the statue was indeed normal. Then unfortunately the guard had enough and sighed. " You come on now. Prepare for your fate. Even though I don't know what fate will bring you" "O good jolly. She sounds nice" I thought to myself sarcastically" So I just had enough and give in to whatever fate it may be.

I thought this is it for me. Then I looked at the statue for one last time. Then the statue blinked one of it's red wicked gleaming eyes and the statue diapered if it was supposed to.

A Cyrodiil Poem (December 2015)

A Cyrodiil Poem

By Akatosh and Eight Divines
Please forgive me of all my sins I decree
For I have wrought bloodshed in Cyrodiil
For I have rebelled against you

My forefathers. Please hear my plea
For I believe it may be on death's ears
The Chaos. The screams. The pure agony of it all

O the horror that awaits my people. For it is I who did this
It was I who should be ashamed.
Twas it not I who started the o so never ending war?

Was it not I who stole the Elder Scrolls? From that good church?
Was it not I that got caught? But yet I twisted there minds?
For was it not I that who planted the scrolls in each section of Cyrodiil?

Was it not I who made you believe that I was one of you, but yet I keep on deceiving you?
Was it not I who you thought that you saw me in the shadows. Whilst you drinking Skoma?
But decided that you have drunk to much?

Was it not I who stands before you but suddenly vanishes into thin air?
Was it not I who took out all the mages off each gates. That protects each territorys?
Have you ever wondered where they gone off to?

Naw it was not I who took those mages out.
But I know where they have gone off to.
For they are you and you are them.
For who do we trust but ourselves?

Yet I must admit. It was I who wanted to see you all get destroyed.
It was I who decieved you all along.
For was it not fun?

Seeing your comrades get hurt?
To see em cry like a little crab?

For the wind blows
The sounds of thunder passes
As if a great shadow passes
Or was it?

For it was I who finaly came to his senses
For I grew weary of my dark adventures
By Akatosh and Eight Divines!
Show mercy on me!

The End

I Wanted To Be Your Protector. O Bosmer Lass. (July 22 2016)

Dear Level 11 Bosmer Lass,

We met at The Dolman by Aldmeri Keep in Scourge PS4 EU. You Bosmer Lass was amazing. Even though you were level 11 and looked like you were new to PvP. All alone like me.

Since I'm So familiar about Scourge. I want to lend you aid. O Bosmer Lass. I tried to invite you. But says you were in group. Were have your companions go? Have they to lost there way also?

I tried to message you. But you spoke different language then mine. Since also both translation apps say different things. I not sure which is correct. But It's alright. As I see you all alone. Swinging your dual swords in ever which direction. All alone. Heading to Enemy's territory. I then decided to become your protector. Henceforth I followed you.

O Bosmer Lass. All was good. Until Suddenly. I saw a rider running fast towards us over yonder the horizon. I couldn't tell whom the rider has sworn allegiance to? I sneak immidetly. Drawn out my trusty white level 80 cp 2 handed sword. I am not skilled to be honest. I will try my best to protect you however. But as the rider approched. It was safe. For he was an Aldmeri like us.

O Bosmer Lass. I was pretty proud of. You. You were very brave. You just kept on walking. Swinging your dual weild swords. While dager was coming. I was amazed and very proud of you. You are brave indeed. You will become a very skilled warrior. For I have high faith in you. You O Bosmer Lass have high spirit. Keep it up.

As we continued to be on our way. As you keep swinging your dual swords while walking. I kept you safe for time being. As we we're heading to quest area in one of the towns. I knew there might be danger lying in wait for us. I got off my white majestic, Imperial horse. Took out my level 80 cp white sword and prepared for a battle that may become.

But luckily as we drew close. No danger in sight. Excluding the EP guards of course. But after we finish attack guards and went inside the questing town. All was safe. Just 3 other Aldmeri. Then we left. To do one of your missions. I followed. Lost you once. But found you immediately. As you were attacking the Zombies, O Bosmer Lass. I have witnessed you level up to level 12. Was so happy to see you level up. I must admit.

But sadly, once we returned to the questing area. When you Bosmer Lass went inside this house. I stayed outside by door to make sure it was safe. But 1 minute later. You not come back. I came in the house. To see if you were alright. No enemy inside. Including you Bosmer Lass. Just that one extra door that I didn't know about. I hurried out through the second door.

I went on my trusty majestic Imperial Horse. Went all around the area. All around away from the area. But sadly I lost you for good. I not sure if you did it to stop me following you. But if it was because of that. I understand. O Bosmer Lass. I this was a grand adventure that we have had together. You and I. Where eever you may be. I wish you good luck and good fortune. I hope we will meet again in the future. But for the time being. I need make more gold

Good Luck O Bosmer Lass! You have changed me. I want to help even more new low level PvPers. Just like you. I might will. But not on Aldmeri side in future. But maybe on DC side. I not sure. Thank you again. O Bosmar Lass.

Thus ends my grand adventure with The Bosmer Aldmeri Lass. True events of what took place. Until next time. I wish all of my readers a good day.


Serjustin19 who serves Aldemri Dominion. At this time. On Scourge PS4 EU

The Sad Tale Of A High Elf . Refusing A Drink With Me In Tavern. (July 25 2016)

This tis a sad wee short tale. So sad. I nearly wept in tears. It all started. On this very day of the vast peaceful journey in Scourge.
On my very way to an upcoming duel that I was invited to go.

I go by many of names you see. But today. I be Princess Of Dreams. For AD. My code name is April Of Storm. I Princess Of Dreams became a lieutenant for AD 2 days ago. But today to celebrate as I finally made that long journey ahead to Fort Aleswell. I pondered my self. What grand adventures lie ahead. What stories would I tell later?

I finally reached the spot. Watching. Waiting to see what happens next. All was peaceful for me. While I see everyone bashing and throwing odd and some ridiculous powerful spells at each other. I thought I heard a werewolf once. Very silently in the distance. But couldn't be for certain.

I began to dream. Like always. (Hence my name Princess Of Dreams) As I pondered into my dreams. Unto my very world I created. I suddenly had a most notorious dream. A huge night mare! Or nightblade of sorts.) I suddenly heard beating drums. Most beutiful sound. Second to the Lute of course.

Then heard a sickening fatal strike. From a certain DC nightblade. I was fatally and mortality wounded! I perished from that blow. Well atleast I have no soul. I gladly thank Molag Bal for that.... I mean that AD who reserected me.

I'm alive! Wait. Naw never mind. Sorry everyone. False alarm. Go back to your dueling everyone! So I Princess OF Dreams. Lying on the very cold ground. Looking at the vast majestic sky. The beutifuly two planets whom I want to call Nirn. But sadly my history is very bad.

As I Princess Of Dreams. Going into the void. I said. "Farewell to ye all. I wish you all well." I Princess Of Dreams. Was about to give up. But suddenly I saw another grand, Majestic Dream. It was a time for Princess OF Dreams to come to rest in a peaceful place for now.

For a majestic and grand, fiery Phoneix carried I Princess Of Dreams away. I closed my eyes and smiled. For someone else will take my place temporary. I was happy.

Behold a new AD hero was born! "Yea I failed to mention that other hero...) I give to you all. Drums please everyone! Can I have your attention. Please everyone! No? Sigh. Ok all keep on dueling. I'm here.

Atleast. The new AD Hero came at last. On his very trusty. But very slow speed of 0 imperial horse. Finally made it. Took 15 minutes or so to reach the place for dueling. Lo and behold. A Kajiit level 23 Nightblade. With long beard. Who wore a majestic Dragon Warrior costume. For he believes he is the very next to become Dragon Born! Even if it was way to early.

This very Kajiit nightblade with long braided beard. Who wore a Dragon Warrior costume for he truly believes he is actually in line to be Dragon Born! This Kajiit you might say is very special of sorts? Maybe a husband of Princess of Dreams? For they both have similar names?

For this Kajiit name is... Truly remarkable, if I do say so myself. Now enjoy. This Kajjits name is (are you sure your ready? Truly? If you say so.) This Kajiit name is Dreams Of Dragonwhales.

But I Dreams Of Dragonwhales. Unfortunately got destroyed by that very DC Highelf Nightblade again. I tried to hide. With my special new tools. But this is one truly remarkable DC Highelf Nightblade. I was very amazed. So the Moral of the story that I learn is. When someone wants to hide. Let her/him hide.

I message to that very DC Nightblade saying that I like her/him. That she/ he is truly remarkable and skilled warrior and that I really want to take her/him to that one tavern in Gleumbra. Sadly got a reply that " nice try on sarcasm." But I truly meant it. For who wouldn't want to share drinks with me?

Alas for showing good faith. I gave that DC Nightblade 500 gold. But later sadly that DC High Elf sent it back. So. Dreams Of Dragon Whales got revived at AD tent. There was DC who keeped on trying to resurect that very High Elf DC Nightblade whom kept killing me.

So I Dreams Of Dragonwhales. Disapered and transformed into DC! I have Become April of Storms. I helped reseruct that fallen DC Highelf Nightblade. Unfortunately I had to go for a bit. But when I returned. No dueling anymore. Except for that DC High Elf Nightblade.

I April OF Storms. Used sorry, sad emotes and Hello emote. But was maybe ignored. Probably for good reason. Suddenly. That very High Elf Nightblade took of. I of course followed. She/he reached the EP farm. Destroyed her/himself.

I April Of Storms was truly saddened. Maybe highelf not want me. After all. So I April of Storms. Level 30 DK Took on the EP farm by self. 10 minutes later I was victorious. I was happy. Level 1 farm then turned level 2 farm. I showed a picture to that very DC High Elf Nightblade. But not a word I heard.

No one wants me. No one understands me. It's ok. For I April Of Storms has a new mission. It too secretive that I couldn't say. Wait. I'm doing it now. :wink: All these tales are true. Very accurate to my knowledge.

For Princess Of Dreams (AD DK) April Of Storm (DC DK) and Dreams Of Dragonwhales (AD Nightblade) are all very glad to tell you there story. About this sad story of The Sad Tale Of A High Elf. Refusing A drink With Me In A Tavern. This one is happy to tell you this story.

Thank you all. Hope you all Enjoyed this.


Princess Of Dreams

April Of Storm

(And Yours Truly)

(Vote for)

Dreams Of Dragonwhales to be you new Dragon Born!. (Especially the flying whales who breaths out fire and go into the water.
Options #7
July 25

I Want A Boat. I Want A Boat. Boat Boat Boat. Serjustin19's Terrible Boat Song (August 10 2016)

Might make Cadwell happy. Maybe he wants a boat to?

I want a boat
I want a boat
O how I want a boat
boat. boat.

I want a boat
A boat
That floats
A boat with short masts

I want a boat
I want a boat
O how I want a boat

A boat I need
With a fiery name
A boat that unsinkable
A boat that makes slaughterfish cry.

I want a boat
I want a boat.
O how I want a boat.

Give me a boat
With a huge throne
Which makes Molag Bal cringe.
In pure delight.

I want a boat
O how I want a boat.
I want A boat.

Give me a boat
Made out of gold
A boat shiny with pride
Keep those pirates at bay.

I want a boat
I want a boat
O how I want a boat

Give me a boat
With a ram.
No. Give me a boat with 2 rams
Make seige warfare more fun. (Baaa'ing included)

I want a boat
I want a boat
O how I want a boat

Give me a boat
For that poor Kajiit
Who wants to go fishing
But unable to without his tail being nibbled upon.

I want a boat
I want a boat
O how I want a boat
Boat. Boat.

Come Ye. Come all
Let's have a navy battle!
In the Little pond by Imperial Sewers. Outside.
With our boat, boat,boat.

I want a boat
I want a boat
A boat, boat boat.

A boat I may want.
A boat I may wish
A boat I will never have
A boat that I can't call Tamerial insurance when my future boat breaks.

I want a boat
I want a boat
O how I wish
I could have a boat.

The Life Of Princess Justine (Part 1) (October 2015)

(First Part Of Story I did on a third party website. Due to this I was forced to change names. But my names of my characters are actually the real names of my ESO characters)

Princess Justine was actually not a princess until later in her life time. Princess Justine is a very shy person. She try's to fit in. But take a long time. She is trying out experiments with foods. Some she really distastes. Now listen (read) about Princess Justine's story. For it is a tale about her.

One day a female child with an unknown origin or name, appeared and stumbled at a church in Crynoman. A war torn battle field that stretches many miles. She was gravely wounded. Nearly death by 4 poisoned arrows from an unknown enemy. Her face became paley white. She lost massive blood. But she is a strong willed person.

As she was gasping and near deaths end. While the good people tried to keep her comfortable. Until she passed on. Then suddenly the door was kicked open. With brute force. In came an Orman (detail below) Who was truly big and fearsome looking.

With red hair with two half ponytails. Red curly curved mustache. Behold as this Orman came in the priests bowed down to him. But why I dare say? Why indeed. So this Orman person rushed in to this child in need. For he was going to save her.

"By Salogirn I command you to live my child. By Salogirn you will not die. For I will not let you. For I saw you in a vision you still have good intentions. That has not yet passed. By Salogirn my dear child I have need of you! By Salogirn my poor child. This will hurt. But be over soon.

So the child (Princess Justine which wasn't called at the time.) Looked up at this wonderful orman and nodded. For she knew not what choice she had left? Th orman smiled a sad smile. Little tears coming out of his right eye. " Alright my child. I will get started. Please try to bear the pain more for little bit.

So the orman broke the arrows in half first. Then yanked the arrow heads out. Slowly o so slowly. Trying very carefully not to hurt her more. The child screamed o so loudly. The never ending story of pain. The orman felt saddned to hear her screams. "By Salogirn my child. I am gravely saddened and it hurts me that your in pain. Please bear this pain little for it is almost over" Then all grew still and she suddenly passed out.

Then suddenly after she passed out. Something amazing happened. Pure earthly light/ Made the priests and kindly orman with two small ponytails and red mustache, amazed for she has such power that she yet not know. "By Salogirn! O my child what power you have. Such sweet power that will help many! For I will help you show that power that lay burden within you. But yet you not knew."

For she healed herself. Many days have passed. Until she finally woke up. She saw the kindly orman who saved her. " For she was glad alos that he not leave. "Thank you kindly sir. For helping me. For saving me. When I was about to go away for good and I was ready for it.. But then you came out of nowhere! But why do you choose to help me and how you know I was here. I am yet a stranger. Who are you?"

The kindly orman just laughed at the child. with pure happy amusement. "For starters my name is You Scream First Then I. I am an Orman King In Cyroman. You may not have heard of me. Many will not. Yes it is an odd name. But hey by Salogirn I really like that name. It shows pure amusement at times. You are very welcome my child. I am glad I came here in time. By Salogirn. I had a dream that you be a passionate person and help others in need. I know not understand this dream in past. But now I do. By Salogirn you have a special power in you. When you fainted this light came out and healed you."

" But what you mean sir. What is this power? Is something wrong with me?"

" By Salogirn's beard no! Nothing is wrong with you my child. In fact. You have a really rare but nice gift." You and many others have healing magick as you. You have this power I assumed locked up inside of you ever since your life. But finally grew out when your life was in gravely danger. So here my child I will teach you. Will you come and join me for a while when ever you so choose to decide to leave? For I will help you become a warrior healer. For a warrior healer heals the sick. The wounded and is most needed in Salogrin battle field. Will you take my hand and come join me for greater good?"

The child nodded and laughed. "I sure will kind sir. I want to do all these things. I want to learn this power that I have had. To understand more. That has always locked inside of me. Yet I never knew. Yes kind sir. I will take your hand!" " By Salogirn I welcome you in my protection and I will help you teach how to use your power for greater good and become an honorable warrior healer to. By Salogirn I am proud."

Many years have past. The child grew up to become a strong young lass. She become a true warrior healer indeed. From her mentor and favorite orman and mentor You Scream First Then I. She for filled her promise. Until one day You Scream First Then I smiled at this pretty young lass who he raised ever since that fateful day. "My child would you want to become my family? For I have always looked you as my daughter. Since I have raised you. So was wondering if it's alright if I adopted you?"

"O my father. I have always looked you as a father. Ever since you helped me out. Ever since I saw you. Ever since you been teaching me how to become a warrior healer. I grew close to you as a daughter would. So father how do I put this? By Salogirn! Yes father! I would love to be adopted by you!"

The orman started to weep at this young lass who he have grown up to become. "By Salogirn! I welcome you my child officially as my daughter! In Salogirn's name you will become known as Princess Justine! What say you o my daughter?"

By Salogirn! Father Princess Justine is a wonderful name. I really love it. I truly do. O father I love you forever!" Princess Justine ran up to her newly adoptive father and she gave her father a big huge hug.

"By Salogirn's blessings child I love you so much. Forever more I will always love you. No matter what." he chuckled. " Come now Princess Justine. My daughter. Let us celebrate with Salogirn's blessing!"

"Yes papa. I love that. Let's celebrate"

So when the sun begun to set. The moon starting to rise. It is how Princess Justine became a new being. A new person in whole. For she loved her new life and her adoptive father You Scream First Then I. This ends the story of Princess Justine's story for now. But a new journey lies ahead of her. The End


Salogirn: Is a god. You Scream First and I worships this god. Later Princess Justine to.

The Life Of Princess Justine (Part 2) (Princess Justine. Am I A Traitor?) (September 7 2016)

This is way more sad. So be prepared. Am I A Traitor and Princess Justine. (Side note: Princess Justine, Am I A Traitor. Is my famous saying. Been bugging me for ages. Finaly I made a story of Princess Justine and my Former EP. Am I A Traitor. I put this saying in the story.)

Princess Justine. Am I A Traitor? (A sad take about my 2 characters.) One who is alive. One whom I deleted. (Can't resurect). (I got permission to post also)

Princess Justine!
Were have you gone?
King Emric Crying
Solemnly with despair whisper

Sadly. Princess Justine disapered.
Many moons have past.
Many more months.
Until a new hero was born.

Sadly that very day a new hero was born.
King Emric became mad.
Anger. Washed all over him.
For he knew What became of Princess Justine.

For Princess Justine. Served along side his enemy.
King Jorunn. The Skald King.
Under a new false name.
Am I A Traitor?

Sadly if only King Emric Knew.
For it was not Princess Justine All Along
For how can it be Princess Justine?
Since Princess Justine was a Templar and Am I A Traitor a Dragon knight.

Yes. It may be That both Princess Justine and Am I A traitor both look alike.
In A way that made King Emric confused.
It is true in all honesty.
For Both Princess Justine and Am I A traitor are in Reality Twins.

But at that time. Princess Justine returned to DC for Scourge in Secrete.
For she finally new were her sister was. She sent a raven to Am I A Traitor to meet.
Later on that day in Scourge.
They finally came face to face.

At long last. Enemy to Enemy
Blue Banner to Red Banner
Sister to Sister
At long last. Princess Justine and Am I a Traitor. Have finally came face to face.

They were happy.
They hugged.
They laughed.
Then it all changed for good.

As Princess Justine started to walk of.
She stopped and turned.
Of what she was seeing she tried to hurry and ran back to save her Sister.
But it was all to late. The assassin was already gone.

There all alone. Lying alone on the very wet ground.
Was Am I a Traitor. She was still alive. But barley.
She was in agonizing pain. Princess Justine hold her dear twin Sister.
She knew she would not be able to save her. Even if she tried.

Princess Justine. Began to weep. Hugging her dear twin sister. Whome she finally meet.
Am I traitor. Asked sadly. To her dear twin sister. Whom wanted to spend a lot more time.
"Princes Justine. Am I A traitor? While tears ran down on left eye
No. Know your not. Princess Justine replied to her dying Sister.

You are my Loveable Twin Sister. You will always be.
You are a Princess. You are not A Traitor.
You a pure, kind and gentle creature.
You love to help. But not wish to harm.

As Princess Justine was talking. Trying to comfort her sister.
Princess Justine puleed out a thin carved blade.
With antler handle with ruins eatched on the hilt of the blade.
Am I A Traitor. Saw this. She Nodded to her sister. Princess Justine to finish her.

Princess Justine began to cry harder. She not want to. But yet she must.
For how canshe not answer her sisters dying plea? Even if to finish her off.
Shh. Its ok Princess Justine. I love you and always will.
Princess Justine then Plunged her carved blade into her Twin Sister.

As Am I A traitor was taken her last breath. She looke up to her dear lovable sister
Thank You dear sister. She said in whisper. Thank you for taken this heavy burden away from me.
I am glad to have you as my sister. I love you. I will always well.

I will always love you to Princess Justine replied sadly.
Then Am I A Traitor. Was sadly no more.
Princess Justine. Closed her Sisters eyes. Her sister looked happy. Peaceful. Smiling.

For that was the day that changed Princess Justine. For good.
Princess Justine bowed down on ground. On her knees. Her head hold low.
Tears streaming. Making pools around her. But to also was the dark, clouds. Raining down.

Princess Justine. Long Auborn Hair soking all wet. Over her imperial features.
Then she raised her chest up. Raised her arms above.
Princess Justine Screamed aloud. To whatever the gods above.
For Princess Justine has taken her dear lovable sister's heavy burden and made it her own.

In the meantime.
Hiding in the bushes. Watching the event of his doing.
Lies the assassin.
Licking his whiskers. Tail wagging. He smiled. Then left. To go back to his Queen.

To be continued...

Beware Of The Sneaky Lion. (A Story That Has Been Requested) October 4, 2016

I had a fan of my poems and stories made a request to make a poem or story. This is to the fan of mine who requested and I hope others will like this also.

However I wasn't there when the events happened on Allessia Bridge. So I decide to made a New Character name for the story. Sir Guinea Longhorn and added both Sheograth and Sir Cadwell. I thought all these 3 characters fit nicely to the story I believe. Enjoy

Beware Of The Sneaky Lion

I Sir Guinea Longhorn. Going to tell a tale. A tale that came to be. A tale was not supposed to happen. But came to be. Come my Children.

Come Ye all. Do not be afraid. For it might be awesome tales. It might not. So please. Come stay. Don't be afraid of I, Sir Guinea Longhorn. Yes Sir Cadwell . You can come to. No Sheogorath. I have no cheese. I am on a diet.

There was a bridge. A mighty bridge at that. A bridge. Who has seen lots of fights over the years. A bridge who is silent. But yet speaks aloud

What bridge do I speak of? What bridge that fits this description at best. A bridge that is home to dangerous, but clever slaughterfish. A bridge that makes it fun on Happy Hour. Or other parts of time.

Of course you all know of that bridge I speak of. Tis The great Allesia Bridge. Is it not? Why of course it is! Do not be silly.

Ooo. Look there's a battle going on. Come Sir Cadwell let's go see. As I Sir Guinea Longhorn and Sir Cadwell approached. We saw a marvelous battle. Between Mighty Eagle and Mighty Dragon.

On top. In the very towers of Allesia Bridge. Both Mighty Eagle and Mighty Dragon. Fought bravely on this day. As the battle wages. While the slaughter-fish rages. It almost seems good to be true.

At long last. Sheogorath came up to Sir Cadwell. Whispered to Sir Cadwell for a bit. Sir Cadwell looked at me. Sir Cadwell Smiled wickedly at me then turned to Sheogorath.

Sheogorath must be happy I'm sure. Then suddenly. Sheogorath pointed down below the bridge. I Sir Guinea Longhorn became confused.

All of a sudden. This magical orb came out of nowhere. Formed around us. Then we floated. Up. And then went down below the bridge. We had stop. Just floated above the very waters of the clever slaughterfish.

I Sir Guinea Longhorn was confused. Why are we here? While not understanding what I was supposed to see. Sheogorath pointed forward.

"Please look Sir Guinea. Look closely. Open your eyes. Marvel all the sights that is happening around you. Hear. But don't talk. Look within you heart. Feel what's around. Taste the very pleasure that all things are not the same. Now do you not see?"

As if on cue. Sir Cadwell. Took out his lute. Sir Cadwell's lute was painted blue, Roses was etched all over his lute who in turned was painted red. With golden strings on that mighty lute.

Sir Cadwell began to sing

O dare I must singof what I see
For look yonder. Under the bridge.
For it is a mighty sight to see

O dare I must sing of what I see
For what it could be that is sneaking?
Why it is the Mighty Lion of course!

O dare I must sing of what I see
What are you Mighty Lion doing
Crawling underneath the very Bridge of Allesia

O dare I must sing of what I see
This will be interesting I am sure
Those Mighty Eagle and Mighty Dragon
Does not know.

O dare I must sing of what I see
For suddenly Mighty Lion began to roar
All Mighty Eagle and Mighty Dragon stop
For a wee bit. Unsure of what to do.

O dare I must sing of what I see
For the Mighty Lion Claws are very sharp and just
For The Mighty Eagle's talons stand for sacred freedom
For The Mighty Dragon's paws make earthquakes that quivers underneath our feet.

O dare I must sing of what I see
For here comes Mighty Lion!
Mighty Eagle and Mighty Dragon
Have an interesting fight indeed

O dare I must sing of what I see
For those sneaky lions have come once more
I have heard tales that these Mighty Lions are very skilled
But we shall see. For is it not the same for both Mighty Eagle and Mighty Dragon

O dare I must sing of what I see
One by one. Mighty Eagle and Mighty Dragon began to fall
The sneaky lions
Moved closer. Closer to there goal

O dare I must sing of what I see
It was a glorious battle
I Sir Cadwell has sung
On the very battlements of Allesia Bridge

O dare I must sing of what I see
How those sneaky lions made a good ambush
Who in turn made battle fun

O dare I must sing of what I see
Who won the battle you all may ask
It is up to you. But methinks all have won
However I am off time for my nap. I Sir Cadewell is off. Good Day.

"Well I am off also. Would you like to come with me Sir Guinea Longhorn to grab some cheese? Sheograth I have no for an answer." Sheograth asked

Before I Sir Guinea could answer.
Both Sheograth and I vanished from Allessia bridge while the battle still. Sadly I, Sir Guinea Longhorn was unable to see what Sneaky Lion will do next. But I wish all Mighty Dragon, Mighty Eagle And Mighty Lion good luck.
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It Was A Glorious 2+ years in Scourge PS4 EU, especially during both the 1st and 2nd Scourge. As well as my time in Haderus PS4 EU. What will my journey bring, during my time in Sotha Sil? We shall wait; for my journey has only begun.

  • geonsocal
    Holy cow - when do you ever find time to actually play the game?
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  • Jazbay_Grape
    I'm just gonna wait for the movie version instead.
  • DannyLV702
    geonsocal wrote: »
    Holy cow - when do you ever find time to actually play the game?

    PS4 - NA - EP - DaNNyB0y2010
  • Rohamad_Ali
    The format and paragraphs are so much better then when you first started . Stories stay on track with the subject . Very good Sir Justin , you've come along way .
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    Vendor in Grahtwood .

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  • geonsocal
    The format and paragraphs are so much better then when you first started . Stories stay on track with the subject . Very good Sir Justin , you've come along way .

    once again you're out there being quietly awesome :)

    it definitely makes me feel good to know there is someone out the like ser justin/princess justine playing the game and participating in the forum...

    with such a gentle soul - i am a little surprised that they are a pvper also...a true poet warrior...
    PS4 NA SCOURGE: This Must Be The Place
    Back Alley Trading (BAT), Traders Refuge and Thieves Market
    "I wallow in the mud of elation."

  • Serjustin19
    The format and paragraphs are so much better then when you first started . Stories stay on track with the subject . Very good Sir Justin , you've come along way .
    geonsocal wrote: »
    The format and paragraphs are so much better then when you first started . Stories stay on track with the subject . Very good Sir Justin , you've come along way .

    once again you're out there being quietly awesome :)

    it definitely makes me feel good to know there is someone out the like ser justin/princess justine playing the game and participating in the forum...

    with such a gentle soul - i am a little surprised that they are a pvper also...a true poet warrior...

    Thank you. You 2. Nice coment and encouragment. I love to write and I will continue my best to do more. I am also glad and relieved to read. That others enjoy my stories also. Hopefully some day I can make novels. There this fellow PvPer. We are on differint alliance. But I didn't knew that he read my stuff and enjoyed. Until recently.

    Thank you all for being helpful and kind and show on were I need to improve also.
    It Was A Glorious 2+ years in Scourge PS4 EU, especially during both the 1st and 2nd Scourge. As well as my time in Haderus PS4 EU. What will my journey bring, during my time in Sotha Sil? We shall wait; for my journey has only begun.

  • geonsocal
    just curious - what type character do you easy guess would be templar "healer" - but, I'm thinking that may not in fact be the case...hmmmmm, NB maybe?
    PS4 NA SCOURGE: This Must Be The Place
    Back Alley Trading (BAT), Traders Refuge and Thieves Market
    "I wallow in the mud of elation."

  • Serjustin19
    geonsocal wrote: »
    just curious - what type character do you easy guess would be templar "healer" - but, I'm thinking that may not in fact be the case...hmmmmm, NB maybe?

    I play many. I have dk, nightblade a healer and magicka dps templar. (Princess Justine. Same setup for over 1 year. But thinking of becoming stamplar instead.)
    It Was A Glorious 2+ years in Scourge PS4 EU, especially during both the 1st and 2nd Scourge. As well as my time in Haderus PS4 EU. What will my journey bring, during my time in Sotha Sil? We shall wait; for my journey has only begun.

  • geonsocal
    @Serjustin19 ...very cool...I think it's both a challenge and lot of fun to experience all the different classes (plus alliances) and their variants (basically stamina or magicka based) - although to be honest, I try to balance all my characters as much as possible...

    having a stamplar character is indeed a lot of fun...I created that type of character many months ago when a good friend was first starting out in the game - i wanted to help walk him through the whole process...I never really expected to ever really play that character much after my friend and I reached around level 20 - it turns out that character is now my most favorite to pvp with - a stamplar in heavy armor is very forgiving of your mistakes, and, also very hard to kill (not dying much in pvp is always fun :) )...

    take care of yourself and I hope you have a lot of fun with the game (actually - have a lot of fun in the rest of your life too :) )...I'll make sure to keep an eye out for when you post some more of your writing...
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    PS4 NA SCOURGE: This Must Be The Place
    Back Alley Trading (BAT), Traders Refuge and Thieves Market
    "I wallow in the mud of elation."

  • Serjustin19
    Updated. The Life Of Princess Justine Part 3. Princess Justine is in grave danger.
    It Was A Glorious 2+ years in Scourge PS4 EU, especially during both the 1st and 2nd Scourge. As well as my time in Haderus PS4 EU. What will my journey bring, during my time in Sotha Sil? We shall wait; for my journey has only begun.

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