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Skull of corruption Xbox NA help

Any AD wanna flip the map so i can get emp finally. :D
  • Burning_Talons
    No but ill gladly bring a red guild in there
    Xbox NA

    Gamertag-Burning Talons
    CP 531
    The Subjugator of Nirn

    EP Dark Elf Magicka DragonKnight- Vayvron the Subjugator
    AD Dark Elf Magicka DragonKnight - Faelon Nimok
    EP Imperial Magicka DragonKnight - Tulius vi Nimok
    AD Breton Magicka Templar - Xyria Nimok
    EP Breton Magicka Sorceror - Ayrana vi Nimok
    EP Breton Magicka Nightblade - Name Classified
    DC Magicka DragonKnight- Dredgor the Conqueror
    EP Magicka Templar- Leodious

    "Burning Talons too OP please nerf"-Gahndi


  • Destyran
    No but ill gladly bring a red guild in there
    We all ready have whole map everyones trash lol. Just hopefully some decent yellow get in there and flip
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