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DoRF Community [ITA] - PvP Oriented - Ebonheart Pact


About Us

We are an italian community actively playing mmo since 2011, we played differents mmo like Guild Wars 2 where we were a fairly established PvP reality. After Black Desert we decided to play some healthy RvR and ESO seem to be of our liking. We alternate from tavern to pitched battle moments; as said, we are PvP oriented. However this game has also a cool PvE and our members will be free to play those content when we are not raiding together at night.

  • Speak and understand Italian
  • We accept only over 18
  • The organization is our strong point. Team Speak is not a pleasure, is mandatory and not just for events but always. Since we are a community is of our best interests to be playing together. It is ‘okay’ just listening on TS.
  • Liking PvP or at least trying yuor best. Even if you are a newbie, we will help you improve.
  • Beign social, we prioritize to form a solid group before the game.

Shortly, if you are looking for a place with social elements, where is important for everyone to be part of the group but not at the expense of the game and organization quality, we are what you are looking for.


Shape an excellent raid group for AvA (RvR of Elder Scrolls Online). We plan to do at least 3 raid per week starting at 21:30 / 22:00.

How to join us

Visit our website and register to our Forum (you will find the link at the bottom of the post), then just write your Recruitment Request. As soon as possible you will be validated and invited in our guild.

Faction: Ebonheart Pact

Contacts and Useful Links:

Community Website: DoRF Community website
Facebook: Click Here
Youtube Channel: Click Here

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  • genesislairb16_ESO
    We are almost ready for joining the high level pvp, we are increase the pacing of leveling and helping each other.
    We are steadly making party/raid for trying out every aspect of the PvP and trying out what build fits our play style.

    If you are still leveling and trying to find your place in Tamriel, feel free to pm us in game or leave a message here!
  • genesislairb16_ESO
    Big Up!

    Tonight we had our first meeting of the Elder Scrolls Online group. Even with some people not being available, we were a good number. We declared the start of our organized pvp to start next week, in the Non Champion Campaign and we talked about our community organization within the game and out.


    LOOKING FOR: people interested to make serious PVP, trying their best and looking for a community that love PvP.

    Contact us in game: @Bi0S - @Lyuke - @manulato92

  • SteLuppi91
    Ehi guys, i' m one of the three GM of another italian PvP guild! Welcome in game and good luck!:D see you...
    Skylìer vr16 DK EP Dark elf *_*
    Aradil vr16 Sorc EP
    Skylier vr 16 DK EP Nord ): (Retired)
  • genesislairb16_ESO
    - Cleaned the roster from inactive, we are 40 total with 25 players active everyday.
    - During the night we count from 16 to 25 players
    - We started raiding regurarly, you can find us from Monday to Wednesday starting at 22:00 on Trueflame. We occasionally have another raid, usually on Sunday, together with WabbaJack guild.

    LOOKIN FOR: People interested on joining a community, that has no problem using TS and with a PvP oriented mind. We are recruiting Templar, Sorcerer and Nightblade.

    Contact us in game: @Lyuke - @manulato92 - @phil196
  • genesislairb16_ESO
    And here's our first video from the recent PVP raid we had, enjoy!

    WE ARE RECRUITING: People interested on joining a community, that has no problem using TS and with a PvP oriented mind. We are recruiting Templar, Sorcerer and Nightblade.

    Contact us in game: @Lyuke - @manulato92 - @phil196
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