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EP: Thorbergs looking for guild

Soul Shriven
Greetings Pack Members!

We're 3 players that would love to join a guild mainly active in Cyrodiil, but that enjoys some crafting/PVE too.

We have experience in SWTOR, LOTRO, AA but the bulk of our xp is from playing GW2, WvsW mainly. Myself had over 3k hours experince in WvsW alone..oO

We looking for a smallish guild that likes to do organized raids, free-roam and general mischief, so Teamspeak/VOIP is a must.

We're still fledglings and our adventure awaits us

For the PACK!!

Uthaesdis Thorberg
  • MipMip
    Hi Uthaesdis!

    You are looking for a small guild... then maybe we, are too large? But we do have fun PvP events and members also group up spontaneously for them, and we also have many PvE events. If interested check out, there is an application form there that can also be used by groups.

    My Argonian Werelizard thinks: the more Werefolk in the guild, the better :)
    (you looking for a pack makes him think you are Werewolves)

    On break

    Remove faction locks
  • Uthaesdis
    Soul Shriven
    Hey Guys, we still very much interested in joining a guild. :)
    Edited by Uthaesdis on September 8, 2016 12:42PM
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