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Anyone else annoyed about groups disbanding - forcing you to leave dungeon before quest is complete?

Zenimax - this is becoming a big problem. People want to reset their random dungeon finder quickly, and so leave group after a dungeon is completed - but those of us doing the quests are DRAGGED out of the instance and the dungeon before we can hand in our completed quest (especially on those dungeons that seem to take forever before you can hand them in).

Could we get a request like "Do you want to leave dungeon?" once the dungeon is completed so it doesn't automatically force us out of it?? This way we could actually try to complete some of the dungeon quests that seem so full of talking at the end of them before you get to hand them in...
  • disintegr8
    This probably needs moving to the general discussion or grouping discussion thread.

    I agree that this is an issue, I try and stick around long enough for anyone doing a quest to finish it. I know in some, like banished cells, you have to wait for the NPC's to have a chin wag before you can finish it, which is a pain.

    I am doing some of the dungeons for the first time on my newest characters, which are a tank and a healer, and it only hurts the rest of the group if they run ahead in the middle of the dungeon while you have to wait to speak to an NPC.

    It is usually clear before you reach the end that someone is doing the quest and a bit of courtesy would be nice.
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  • blaze1442
    That and being kicked for no reason at all was trying to do the daily but got kicked twice and team leaves
  • redspecter23
    I'm not quite sure why the last remaining member of a group is automatically removed. Perhaps someone has some insight into that. If there is no good reason for it then why bother automatically removing that member before they might be ready? Some of those quest turn in NPC's can talk for a long time before they allow you to take your reward and leave.

    I suppose if it didn't auto remove the last member someone would complain about the 150g cost to teleport out. You can't win them all I guess.
  • Rittings
    Simple answer is - travel to a player outside the dungeon for free. Or, put a wayshrine in every dungeon. Though - handing the quest in gives you more than the 146g it would cost to travel out - so ultimately, you are out of pocket if you can't hand it in anyway :)

    Another option would be to ASK if you want to leave dungeon or not...
  • saraaileen76
    Soul Shriven
    I know this thread is old but I have done banished cells like 6 times and can never finish the quest because I am removed from the group before I can talk to anyone!!!
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