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InstaCrashes on 30.08.2016

Does anyone else have insta-crashes (and I mean insta as in few mins after logging in) today, or is it just me?

I will elaborate more on this. I have returned to play the game after more than half a year, and so far it went well past 3-4 days. Except yesterday I started to get insane ping and fps, so the game was more like a photoghraph, and there were also quite long loading screens (one lasted for good 5mins). As I was used to this problem form before, I haven't made much out of it. But today after I logged in, for the firs 10 mins no problem occured, after that while doing quest in Hew's Bane I crashed to log in screen. I was like, ok no problem, and logged back in. Than I played for 15 mins and the crash occured again. To make the long story short, the crashing time kept decreasing since then, and on my last attempt I crashed after 30 seconds to the log in screen.
I don't know what the problem might be, so I am asking if I am the only unfortunate one, or if its general issue.
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  • phairdon
    Run a repair
    Right click your desk top shortcut. Properties, compatibility, tick the box for disable display scaling on high DPI settings. The game can crash, stutter & freeze without the box ticked. Started happening to me in Wrothgar. This was one of the suggestions I was given after submitting a ticket. It worked.

    If the above does nothing, delete the user settings file. The file becomes corrupted from time to time, leading to all sorts of problems, including crashes.
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  • karpatska_vlcice
    Thank you for your reply. At the time I was wondering if it was just me or general occurance. I run the repair and stuff and it seems to be working now. I only wonder how long will it last :D
  • Jenadara
    I'm not sure if I've seen this anywhere on the forums because I have looked before I have submitted a ticket. Here is a response to my ticket that may help others avoid sending in their own ticket because this helped me a bunch:

    Sometimes your connection can be routing through an area that is not optimal for a steady connection to our servers. One way to fix this and "refresh" your connection path is to remove your host.developer logs and allow them to restore themselves and find a better connection.

    Open the launcher as an administrator by right clicking on the launcher and selecting "Run As Administrator":
    Run a repair.
    Close the launcher.
    Locate the launcher folder. The default location is C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Zenimax Online\Launcher.
    Open the Launcher folder and delete all "host.developer files" which contain numbers only. For Example: host.developer1, host.developer2, etc. Don't delete the one which doesn't have a number.
    Close Everything and then Reopen the Launcher.

    This should redirect your internet connection to a better pathway and keep you from getting logged out of the game.
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