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Unstable Ping Making the Game Unplayable

Have tried literally everything imaginable to make the game playable again but no luck. Ping spikes occur every 5-10 seconds and my character glitches out like crazy. I'm assuming there is a ton of packet loss.

The fact that this ONLY occurs in ESO and not anything else makes me think that it is likely a server issue on ZOS's end right? I can play Destiny, Rocket League, stream twitch, watch youtube, etc. with not a single hiccup or lag spike.

My ping will go from 140 to 250 to 140 to 520 and occasionally into the 1000s.

Is anyone else getting this problem?
  • Syrani
    I have been having the exact same problem for the last several days. My FPS is fine, maxes out at 100, but sometimes dips into the 60s, but the ping keeps fluctuating like yours is. The lag had been pretty bad, making it hard to play sometimes.

    I always get a bit of lag because I am in the US playing on the EU server, but it has been especially bad these last few days. I hope it gets fixed. :(

  • Rohaus
    I fixed my ping issues my moving to a different zip code. :D
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