Load Screen/Log-in Problems Since Maintenance August 22

Soul Shriven
I've had intermittent (1 in 6, 1 in 7) hanging load screens when using wayshrines to change zones and when going in or out of outlaw refuges. I have to use Task Manager to close the ESO client a dozen or so times this week. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Run repair after the crashes. Nothing seems to help. I turned in one ticket Wednesday. It happens more in CST morning but that coincides with me doing crafting writs/visits to the Bequeather and I change zones more that time of day. I also have trouble logging in (at about the same frequency) getting Error codes 300, 200, 108, and an uncoded one, and once had a hanging character load.

The trouble is not long load screens. When they transition they are usually quite short, but when they don't they don't so to speak.

I have noticed a commonality. Within a second or two of the load screen coming up the ourobourus/triskelion/rotating arrow icon simply stops, not stutters, just stops then starts up again after six or so seconds. The game never comes back after that.

Any suggestions for a fix or work-around would be appreciated.
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