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Playing vMA is ludicrous for Asia, Aus, & etc.[High latency]

After a week of trying and trying and trying i've come to my senses that this is not L2P issue, no matter how memorized or familiar you are with arena it still becomes unpredictable due to latency issue. The skills, aoe, & attacks that the npc does in vMA hits before it even does the attack animation and the most annoying is "AOE" even if you are out from the red circle you still get freakin hit! Either nerf the arena base of the region the player is playing, make vMA duo or give us an asian server already! p.s some of us don't even care about that gotdamn leader boards, we just want the master weapon and the lag in vMA is even worst than Cyro tbh but yeah I know it's doable, it's just unfair that we outside of NA had to pull more freakin effort just to get that OP master weapon.
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