Looking for a No Hassle Guild that does everything to join? WE WANT YOU!!

I am Rycon, recruiter for the PC division of ESO for Epic Nation. This is a call out to anyone who wishes to be part of a guild but doesn't want to jump through hoops to do what you want to do. We play a variety of game types that allow everyone to have their strengths played and their weakness grown apon. Wither you're new or a seasoned veteran, our guild is happy to have you and to help you grow in any ways needed.

More Info:
*Members: ?
*Creation Date: 7/1/2016
*Type: CoEd non-specific
*Current Trader Location: none currently
*Website: http://epicnation.us

*No Covenant requirements
*No Gender requirements
*We're CoEd so everyone and anyone's welcome
*You can keep your gamertag(this is a big thing in other guilds for some reason)
*No location requirements(most of everyone's on NA however, but if you'd like to start an EU for us, msg me)
*You'd be part of a friendly, mature, active guild
*If you were in our XB division, you can cross over to our PC division without issue
*Exclusive use of our discord server so you can chat with members during a game or come hang out
*You'll have access to our all-member(not just new members) giveaways(which will always be announced over discord)

*Must be at least 16 years old
*Be as active as possible(even once or twice a week is good)
*Have a headset or a mic/headphone setup
*Have fun - life's too short not to live it up

If you're interested or have questions, leave them or your GT below and I'll get back to you asap.
Can't wait to hear from everyone,
Edited by EpicRycon on July 25, 2017 3:06PM
  • EpicRycon
    Morning everyone, just a quick note that the thread's been reformatted a bit as we now have a teamspeak server for everyone to come join and we suspended the XB1 division for the moment while we populate the PC division. As always anyone interested in joining us on PC leave your GT here(usualy starts with @).
  • EpicRycon
    updated the thread as we took a hiatus but are getting back into it. LEave your GT and we'll get you added.
    Thanks guys, Ry
  • Techio_Morte
    Soul Shriven
    @t5389o Please Invite me
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