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In Game and guild chat


This has been a problem since the Imperial prison dlc and with nurmous support tickets and following every suggestion given, it's has now been left in zos hands and unresolved

My in game and guild chat doesn't work on the EU server but does on the NA server, screenshot was sent to support.

I have
- uninstalled the game
- -deleted save data
- checked a applied the same settings on my xobx as a friend
- set my router settings correctly as advised by zos
- brought a new controller
- upgraded to fibre
- brought a few new headsets

I have ran out of ideas and so tired of waiting for a fix, it's been months. I was wondering if any one else is in the same boat? Or has had this issue and has been able to resolve it.

I can only assume it's tied to my account on the EU server as it works on the NA server.

Any help would be great.

The stupid thing is that we are left to troubleshoot issues and left to fix them ourself.
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