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Vampire Mist Form bug report (PS4)

Hello , i play on ps4, and i noticed that in the discription of the mist form and its morphs says that while active i`m granted with immobilization immunity (snares included),
however i can be slowed to almost not moving by night blade teleportation skill and morphs for around a 1 second wich is enough to get killed , this applies also to charge of 2-handed weapon skill line
Edited by RouDeR on July 30, 2016 5:34PM
  • Ethromelb14_ESO
    I, too, get slowed by spikes while I'm in mist form. I thought it was suppose to make vamps while mist forming immune to this crap? So why are we being slowed to a crawl?
    Edited by Ethromelb14_ESO on July 30, 2016 7:08PM
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    I confirm
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  • Vaoh
    Sorry guys. No changes coming.

    Currently, all gap closers have a hidden effect not stated in the tooltip. There is no avoiding this, and an intended feature in order to make gap closers feel more reactive. It reads:

    Snare enemy by 60% for 0.75 seconds. This snare cannot be removed or avoided by any means, and activates as soon as the ability is fired.

    (That is not what it literally says, but it is what the mechanic does to you)
    Edited by Vaoh on July 30, 2016 7:22PM
  • mb10
    erm...yeah this is "General Discussion" not a bug report section.

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