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OMG!!!! my game just crashed and it said an auto save file had been corrupted :'(

I had the option to overight the corrupted file but it said if I didnt saves would be disabled!!!!
SO I said YES!!!!!!!!!
And it took me to a screen where I basically start a new game!!!!!!
like adjusting the screen size and brightness, agreeing to the end user license!!

Please can someone help me get my game and character back?

crying!! :'(

  • wayfarerx
    You character is stored on the server, so don't worry about that. You may have lost some of your settings however.
    @wayfarerx - PC / North America / Aldmeri Dominion
  • Pandorii
    Yep. I can confirm that you're going to be fine if you delete the save file. I've done it many times before.
    PS4 NA Gamertag: MsPandorii
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