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Dear ZOS,

I am extremely happy that you took the time to send me an ingame tell last night. I do believe it was the first time you have every done so. I wanted to let you know how much i do respect and enjoy playing against you and while we are on opposite sides this does not mean we can not be friends or at least civil. As for you implying that i only run with full raids and stack among other such groups is probably true to some degree. My guild has at present 112 members. We have a very wide range of skill within our ranks. As a mature PVP guild that simply wants to have fun we acknowledge and embrace that diversity; bare in mind some of our guild members are to be polite senior citizens. So as long as ZOS says a raid is 24 players you can rest assured the group may fill to that number or be less at any given time. I understand and actually agree with you limiting groups to 16 is probably the ideal comp for the game to handle. I also understand the desire to play and have fun as you clearly do so as well. So lets not try to argue with each other but simply agree to play as we like. I do believe you had quit a bit more than 16 last night at Alessia around 1030 pm est time. In fact i think you were among 40 other EP. I am not upset over it, my little 16 man group did extremely well against the zerg monster you found yourself within. I am, with certainty, sure you had nothing to do with organizing that little field fight.

Just remember as long as the mechanics of world PVP in this game remain the same, I will continue to roll around with as many members of my guild as possible. I will also work harder and longer to unify and coordinate the AD faction. If you want to complain or criticize me for zerging, please continue to do so, as your words will fall upon blind eyes. Hypocrisy is what you will continue to practice; honesty is what i will continue to practice. Dominion Knights may be by some players definition a zerg guild, but we are decent players, good at heart, and loyal to a fault with an real desire to simply have fun. We have never claimed to be anything more than what we are. So with that being said, please embrace the olive branch that i have extended, let us all continue to have fun and enjoyment no matter what the situation may be at the time.

So if you are unsure of what DK is doing you can always simply watch my videos. The link is in the sig.

Enjoy the day as it is drunk raid night tonight and we are all looking forward to it after such a hard won campaign. Oh yeah that's 2 in a row. How does it feel to be second place?

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Edited by ZOS_CoriJ on July 30, 2016 1:56PM
  • Zheg
    Inb4 naming and shaming lock. You should have just let it go and built a snowman instead.
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  • Rohamad_Ali
  • Totalitarian
    Something that we need to remember is that PUGs flock to groups of people, so an organized raid is often supported by PUGs. So organized group of size X is being followed by Y pugs, which leads to a total group population of X+Y.

    Kind of like when people say that the streamers, which supposedly dislike zergs, run around in zergs. That is probably because everyone sees a streamer, and follows them around, creating a zerg (I don't know if they run in actual groups).

    PVP is not a strictly ordered place with set rules that the population follows. If it was, there would certainly be less fights at the Allesia Bridge (because if everyone on AD knew that they were at a significant disadvantage at the bridge, and at a significant advantage defending Allesia, AD would just let the fight come to them at Allesia).

    What I'm trying to say is that PVP is not something that you can simply apply a few rules at, and they always apply, including the things I have mentioned.
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  • SleepyTroll
    @Rohamad_Ali did Wrobel really say that? Why would u even do that with a khajiit it and not an orc?
  • Rohamad_Ali
    @Rohamad_Ali did Wrobel really say that? Why would u even do that with a khajiit it and not an orc?

    It's a direct quote from ESO Live . I don't understand a lot of things Sir Wrobel thinks up .
  • Lord-Stien
    in before lock.. and account warning
    Sometimes the real enemy are the one who moderate it.


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  • zyk
    Frozn doesn't zerg. PM just happens to show up wherever he's small-manning.
  • Rohamad_Ali
    Lord-Stien wrote: »
    in before lock.. and account warning

    lol I'm pretty versed on forum rules and I don't think any here have been broken except perhaps the OP didn't leave any sort of alliance war continued discussion in the letter . Closed perhaps but this is hardly worth a official warning .
  • Minnesinger

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    The blizzard is my home,
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  • JDar
    It has to be naming AND shaming. Is there really shaming going on in this thread?
  • Satiar
    Some things never change.
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  • ZOS_AntonioP
    Hello everyone,

    This post is to inform you that we've felt it necessary to close this thread. The reason being, as many had mentioned above, that naming and shaming is against the Forum Rules, along with baiting. We understand Cyrodiil can cause some unease between members, win or lose, but we ask that you keep drama between two members off of the forums, as it never tends to end well.

    Thank you for understanding.
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