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(New Bug?) PS4 EU. ZOS

Hi. I not sure who to contact. I seem to been getting lots of errors of late. Including this new ui error. That happened 2 days ago. On my dc while pvp against other pvpers in scourge. However was unable to save video. This video I post here. Happened again yesterday. But on my AD this time in Scourge PS4 EU. Just be warned it is 15 minute long video. Showing my struggles.

What I know so far.

1. It begun 2 days ago. But happened again last night.
2. Usually starts in combat. Sometimes not.
3. On my dc it started while fighting EP.
4. On My ad it started while going through my skills. Then fighting with bugs.

What I did

1. I reinstalled game
2. Deleted saves
3. Deleted cache from ps4
4. Deleted quests.
5. Ports are opened
6. Rebuilt data based.

Tempory fix

1. Opening the map. Close it in battle. Comes back after 5 seconds.
2. Shutting off ps4 and restart. Did help. Sort of. 5 minutes later came back. After coming back from game.

Other stuff haven't mentioned

1. I have 60 of these blue screen errors from eso. CE- 34878-0
2. My ps4 is connected to power blocker 2 powerstrip
3. I am hard wired.via router
4. Ports are opened
5. I always freeze against small army of 50. I push skills. It shows I'm doing it. But then I die really fast. I can see them using there abailty's but I unable to.
6. I always play on Scourge. No pve.
7. I thinking of buying new harddrive. I think it may be failing. At least that's what I read on other websites. I could also take hard drive out of ps4 and put it on my pc to run some tests?

Here is the 15 minute long video

Official PSN message. 4-18-18 (Copy/Paste) Hey Justin. It is ok. You can be so much more without the *(left name out). For me you are always a legend. Look for a job you want. You always write like a bard or poet so maybe you should write a book"

It Was A Glorious 2+ years in Scourge PS4 EU, especially during both the 1st and 2nd Scourge. As well as my time in Haderus PS4 EU. What will my journey bring, during my time in Shor, We shall wait; for my journey has only begun.

  • outsideworld76
    I have had this as well. Logging in and out fixed it for me, pretty sure it's a UI bug.
  • Volrion
    It's not your system man. It's ESO. So don't waste your money on upgrading anything.

    This game used to perform a lot better when it was first launched. It's been falling apart for a while now.

    Either ride it out and keep trying to play through the bugs or go play something else until they (hopefully) fix it.
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