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Looking for active trading guild

As the title says I'm looking for an active trading guild. I do mostly pvp and I'm getting over run with items. I mostly grind over the week for items to sell as well and soon will be dungeon ready with a tank and healer. But can't get armor sets because..... well no gold . I don't mind paying a fee
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Be strong, be patient, and most importantly, don't trust that fart.


    We are a multi-game PS4 guild that has been playing together for a year now; click the links below for additional information & the games we play.

    Our Multi-Faction Trading Guild, based in Aldmeri Dominion, currently has room for Active Traders! We do get full from time to time but we consistently purge inactives players to make room for active ones. Send me a PM on PS4 if you would like to join the fun and make a lot of GOLD.

    About our ESO guild:

    Happy Gaming!
    The Dollar Tree Guild

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