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Weird FPS issues - Unstable, low, and stutters

A little backstory first. I started playing ESO 3 weeks ago, and back then when I started, I had 100 FPS indoors, around 80 outside and 45-50 inside cities. Both PvP and PvE content ran flawlessly. Fast forward a few weeks, and I'm struggling to keep a playable FPS. It all started some 10 days ago with the arrival of the last patch.
I've tried everything this forum and reddit offered, but I only briefly regained some of the frames. And then again what is unstable 50 frames compared to the previous stable 100.
I'm now positive it is not my PC. Everything is up to date, cleaned, defragmented, windows reinstalled, temperatures stable (max measured was 71° degrees).
I play the latest games on Ultra settings with absolutely no problem, and no stutter whatsoever (Witcher 3, DkS3, other MMOs...). I play on the 64bit client.

What can I do to restore it to its former glory?

TL;DR ESO suddenly started stuttering, frame-skipping, and having a very unstable, and unplayable FPS.

My configuration:
AMD Radeon R7 360 Series
Intel i3-4160 // I realise some might think this bottlenecks it, but i3 has a big single core performance with hyperthreading
Windows 10
  • Stump
    Ive noticed an FPS drop as well since last patch. more on my wife's machine than mine. she was 60 everywhere before now struggling to maintain 30 and if she goes in a town it hits 10-20.

    fx8350 @ 4.3Ghz
    GTX760 x2 in SLI
    running on SSD
    16 GB Ram

    I was able to boost the performance a little bit by deleting some add-ons that she really wasn't using there's definitely something in this patch got screwy. and no patches or maintenance for 3 weeks doesnt seem to be helping.
  • EverHaunted
    I've tried disabling and removing all addons, and all I got was a boost of 1 to 2 frames in average, which was to be expected regardless of the issue.

    It seems to be on their part, but they are too reserved in their communication towards us.
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