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Looking for PS4/EU/AD RP Guild. (Phew!)

Hi there, only just discovered that the ps4 actually comes with a mic in the box...so I'm finally able to chat with people!
Not many seem to chat on the EU server, but I'll try my luck here:

I'm after a guild that role-plays in their group chats. (Group, not Area.)
I've several characters who do the daily Undaunted pledges every morning from 8am ish, I like to get them out of the way, then do a random dungeon!

I also like the idea of having an In-Character Penpal or two!
I don't know if that's a thing on here, but I'd like it to be!

My main is an elderly Altmer Sorcereress who is just trying to make the world a better place at her own pace with her loyal pets by her side, but my second char is a young Bosmer Nightblade who just wants to stab people, seriously, she has a lot of issues and loves to actually be PAID to stab people, repeatedly...ahem.

Anyway, if anyone wants any info, or has such a guild, I'd love to hear from you.
I'd be up for starting a brand new char and levelling as a team if people would like to?
  • Daraxina
    Lol - I just pictured a team of wrinkled-elderly characters right now who show the young'uns how it's done!

    (I'm 33 in real life.)

    But honestly, the chars can look any age, that's just where my mind went just then!
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