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Saxhleel Back stories. Speak on your life either growing in the marsh or out of it.

Born 2E 545, Second Seed. I am a hatchling of the Kota-Vimleel tribe, yet like most, I hatched Second Seed and joined the Shadowscales. I had three clutch-siblings i regularly played, trained, and spoke with. Two of them were Shadowscales with me, the other was not and grew up primarily with our tribe.

He was born 61 sunsets before me. That is rare and brought him a lot of attention. Some stated he was to be great and helpful, others that he was harmful and to be repelled. He stayed to himself and away from others. I seemed to be one of the few he spoke with. I respected his discipline and looked to him as a nassa. We only returned to our thtithil uxith tzel rarely and for short periods. Although my clutch-brother, who now goes by Ankhor Tree-Blood, was rarely spoken to compared to the others living with me, I knew him deeply.

I've always remembered a vision of myself hatching. As a growing hatchling, some nights i would visualize going out into the marsh and explore. Unlike the regular day or night imaginations we all may have, these were only visual and remained regardless of my will to change things within it. Around six or seven years after Thtithik helped us here, I was listening to Tree-Blood tell me about his last two months, and firmly learned my visions were of his life, literally. I did notice similarities throughout life, yet just gathered it was common for us Saxhleel to imagine such common tasks and scenarios, since we often may view images of things we may not have physically experienced.

I kept that awareness to myself and learned him well. He was more strict than he presented himself and was strongly interested in the Hist and all plant life. I respected him much, obviously, and almost had the experience of living two lives via my one way connection to him.

My twin clutch-brother, Kaj-Haj-Hej, seemed to blend-in in any environment and would sometimes follow me and Tree-Blood on our marsh travels. He respected me like i respected Tree-Blood. He was always wearing gear that would assist in matching him to our environment and often seemed to measure points of view in an area well. Because we looked almost identical when young, he used that to divert attention away from him to me sometimes. I strongly disliked that, and in hind sight, should may addressed it more strongly at an earlier in life.

As we hatch, we suckle from the Hist. I was told my veins swelled, darkened and were pulsating. This same unique effect happened to Tree-Blood. This indicated a connection between us to the Thtithik's and Raj's and was something we discussed among each other when out on our walks.

Haj-Eix and i were were called on for our naming day a with great anticipation. Two days before, i visualized Tree-Blood engaging some dunmer to free a captive Saxhleel and became captive himself. My request to go to the village to protect them from a dunmer attack was doubted, yet mildly investigated. They noticed him missing the next day, yet the rain made it hard to track and they already had time to reach the border.

I was named Kota-Sax-Blood which means "Black-Root(Hist)-Blood" because of the effect that occurred again, as i took in the Hist for the ceremony. Kaj-Haj-Hej means "large hidden mist" which fits well for him and his chameleon style of living. Tree-Blood was absent, until the Akaviri Invasion. He came back with the term Tree-Blood as a reference to our similar effect of consuming the Hist. He missed his naming ceremony, so he named himself.

Many stars signs have passed until the my first vision from Tree-Blood. He was now a captive in a foreign land. Although I still gave took note of the visions to learn of that foreign land and culture, the bulk of my attention has shifted to the dark brotherhood evaluation process. Part of this process involved information reconnaissance.

On one of my first missions, I was sent to retrieve some info and return my a set day and time. I acquired the info ahead of schedule, and began my quick return, anticipating additional merit for the early accomplishment. In the act of my haste, i experienced something for the first time. i teleported forward a great distance. Unfortunately, the destination was in the mist of an enemy stronghold, and i was not yet skilled enough to battle or sneak my way out. I had to wait until an opportunity arose to depart.

By the time that occurred, i was late returning. to return late with the story of what occurred may have been accepted with a dislike, if not for what my brother did. At some point in time he did some act, posing as me. As a result as this, I was deemed a liar. They decided i disobeyed. Being that it was my first strike, i was an initiate, and i presented forgiveness, they allowed me to continue.

My magical abilities began to flair as i intern invested attention in training them. On day, unknowing to me, Haj-Eix dumped water on a sleeping initiate and somehow gave them the impression it was me. The following night, that same initiate got a water hose to spray me in my sleep. I happened to be visualizing Tree-Blood being assaulted and was tense as a result. The moment that water hit me, I raised up and my body became electrical. This electricity traveled along the water path and electrocuted the initiate to death. Killing a dark brotherhood initiate was fully unacceptable and i was put to suffer the Wratih of Sithis(Seth).

I barely survived, with the help of my recently acquired magical abilities, yet decided to return to the Kota-Vimleel and study Shadowscale and Saxhleel knowledge independently.

I returned to around the beginning of the khahaten flu. Those known as the Lilmothiit and the Kothringi were dying in quickly. Tree-Blood was receiving extra scrutiny, yet around 564 he escaped and i was introduced to dark skinned men called Ra'Gada or Redguards. Meanwhile, i engaged in a much more free exploration of our march as a byproduct of this flu. Although many died, i was pleased our tzel has less foreigners.

While vicariously learning the two-handed maul from Tree-Blood visions, I trained my area effect magical abilities in the now more barren marsh. I also learned much from Keshu the Black Fin, and traveled with her when i was able too. i trained, explored and freed slaves with her and her legion up until the Akaviri invasion when Tree-Blood returned.

Here we finally reunited for battle, and it was a great one. We devastated the foreigners and surprised the others. We returned to our village and began to share life stories, train and get Tree-Blood re-accustomed to our Saxhleel way of life.

It's been about seven cycles of the twelve seasons and something strange occurred. A large blast or burst occurred that was only heard by a few in our village. Over the next few days, my head began to hurt tremendously, my abilities seemed to be activating independent of my will and my Tree-Blood visions were occurring sporadically and at dangerous moments.

I need to rest now, since rest often heals thyself.

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Kota-Sax-Blood of True An-Xileel
Psn community page: An-Xileel
Seth Salute
  • ankhor8
    Born 2E 545, 8 First Seed. I was abnormally born two months before my egg siblings, under the sign of the Lord. Raised as Kota-Vimleel. As a hatchling, I initially grew in the marsh. I was a natural alchemist with an inclination for combat. I left the protection of the pack to explore, harvest, and taste test plants. While out I saw a fellow scale skin being captured by elven slavers. My intent to help resulted in my capture.
    My first suckling of sap as a hatchling caused my veins to pulse grow and glow. I was told the story of my veins as hatchling and decided to call myself Tree-Blood during my captivity. Tree-Blood is a foreign style name since i was captured before my naming day and remember little jel.
    I have two clutch-brothers and a clutch-sister that I have grown with. Although I was mostly a loner because i was born two months earlier then them, my one clutch-brother Kota-Sax-Blood admired me from a distance, since he was mostly away in Shadowscale development. The few times he returned to the marsh, it seemed as though it was specifically to meet me. He often stated things about my experiences that only I knew. Although it was unknown to me how exactly he knew these things, I trusted him and was at ease with the fact.
    He was a leader of sorts and had another of our brothers follow him around closely, mimicking him. I often thought about how my capture affected him, yet knowing he had our family reassured me he would be well.
    After nine years of surviving captivity in Tel Aruhn, I seized the opportunity to escape when a Ra-Gada pirate unit attacked the telvanni stronghold. I happened to harpoon a Dunmer necromancer that resurrected a recently killed pirate to attack the ship captain. As a result, she welcomed my presence on board. Of course, the past four years of the khahaten flu effecting Tamriel made her and her crew wary of accepting me, yet the fact that I saved her life and honor(since killing a Ra-Netu would be dishonorable) outweighed that concern. Being in and on the sea allowed me to once again develop my aquatic attributes and sparring with the Ra-Gada helped me train in armed combat. Ideally I prefer hand-to-claw combat with little to no gear, yet in this climate, I have mastered Heavy armor with a blunt two handed maul. For agile pleasure I switch to my poison and diseased dual wielded hammers.
    ANKHOR was a title given to me by the Ra-Gada because of my ability to stay well rooted, stable and pivotal in principle as well as combat, like the anchors they use so frequently. M.S.F. is an acronym for their sea clan. I have carried these as a sign of respect, while insuring they were always reminded of my firm allegiance to my hatch-ling brethren.
    After eight years of travelling, training and learning their ways, I returned to my leel. The signing of the daggerfall convenant and the Akaviri invasion changed the environment of the Ra-Gada and the seas. It was a wise period to depart and aligned with the events following. I returned only days when I was fortunate enough to be apart of General Keshu the Black Fins and Heita-Meens Shellback movement north. We clearly changed the balance of the combat and seemed to surprise the Akaviri as much as Dunmer. General Keshu and Heita-Meen were impressive leaders. One was more strategic and decisive while the other was more raw and immediate. Although officially, Almalexia granted us freedom by abolishing slavery, we were already in the act of taking and claiming for our self.
    Although my Hist connection had mostly dissolved over the fifteen years of absence, my bodies ability to absorb the sap as it swells in my veins, allowed me some degree of faintly hearing the whisper after six years of rigorous effort to rekindle it. The SoulBurst drastically aligned my essence to that of the Hist and my egg kin.
    I have always been for my Marsh egg kin. Meeting my clutch-siblings was a very agreeable experience. Hearing Kota-Sax-Blood tell me about his Shadowscale years and his developed magic abilities has been endarkening.
    My brother was put in a deep sleep following the Soulburst. At times his body faded in and out of an electrical state, so we keep him in a canopy elevated from water. He met me in my dreams, or more like we shared them. We toured a Marsh similar yet different than our own. With structures different then the Xanmeer, yet with a population organized like the men and mer. In addition, there were strict rules distinguishing our Black Marsh leel from the other Tamriel inhabitants. We both were very inspired by this vision and took note that the name these Saxhleel claimed was An-Xileel.
    There have been deadric anchor like structures falling from the sky and deadra appearing out of minor portal type lights. In addition, the Ebonheart pack is now engaged in a war with other Tamriel men and mer. I may now end up fighting my Ra-Gada brethren from years back. Regardless of my respect for their contribution to my present state, all who verse my Saxhleel kin will submit or perish.
    I will begin exploring and guarding our lands more in the following days. If Kota-Sax-Blood remains sleep, i will leave him to the care of our Raj and egg-siblings. I will begin my travels at White Rose Prison.
    Ankhor MSF Tree-Blood
    Kota-Sax-Blood of True An-Xileel
    Psn community page: An-Xileel
    Seth Salute
  • ankhor8
    Born 2E 545, Second Seed. I am a hatchling of the Kota-Vimleel tribe, yet like most, I hatched Second Seed and joined the Shadowscales. I had three clutch-siblings i regularly played, trained, and spoke with. Two of them were Shadowscales with me, the other was not and grew up primarily with our tribe.

    My early life was much of a blur, like i often prefer to be, funny. It was mostly training and education regarding my life purpose role as a Seth servant. Most of my earliest visions relate to me following Kota-Sax-Blood around, emulating him and hiding from him and Tree-Blood when they had jungle meets. That early life play, in addition to our training, has resulted in being named as i am and being exeptional at forms of stealth.

    I like the idea of sending targets to Seth silent quick and with little knowledge. I test myself with the pace at which i may apply that accurate critical strike. If that one lacks the fatality intended, i seek to follow up with an unknown strike, while the shock of the first still exists. The first time i felt and heard the air leave the body of a target, i realized my task. The first time i watched the eventual process of a body decay in the Marsh, i realized my role.

    Kota, like that Keshu i heard about, was interested in the xanmeer culture, dryskins refer to as before the "duskfall." I care less and emphasis the present, like most of our leel, yet he has stimulated my interest in representing. I mostly wear native style or assasin style clothing. I mostly reside in the Marsh region, and since my completing some high value objectives for our little known (and will remain so) Saxhleel pakseech, my attention has adjusted further.

    On a mission to return an archein to the void, i had to to invest hours cloaked, learning which of the many slaves he surrounded himself with, would accept potentially seeing me in the act. One of them seemed to frequently glance in my direction, caught things that fell, and warned others of the approach of the archein at impressive distances. Impressive for one assumed untrained. I chose them as acceptable company for the moment of my application. With little surprise, they assisted by "dropping" a bowl, allowing me the seconds of anonymity to strike. They approached me afterwards, presenting them self as apart of a hidden Saxhleel organization. One that is strongly connected to the Hist and structually organized similiar to, yet more holistically then the various dryskin societies.

    Being that my life has been a part of a subtle organization and Kota had me thinking a little about how we were and may be, i was interested to learn more. She shared that she was choosing the slave role as a spy. To find prospective allies and learn about our opponents up close. After presenting the death as the result of an archein dispute, freeing the captives and disbanding the few that want to be slaves, we spoke for hours about the present and plans.

    Although Kota would be very pleased and interested in this knowledege, we are accustomed to secrecy and apply it persistently. I increased my interacrions with her. Although she spoke as a large group representative, she was the only one i meet for a long time. I also learned the Saxhleel Pakssech was aware of "an organization."

    When many dryskins began dying, our investigative missions increased exponentially. When the ship left with many of the ill survivors, we were pleased.

    By that time, Kota was already gone from our shadowscale order and reconnected with Tree-Blood at our birth village. Me and Gah-Tsona were still shadowscales and rarely worked together. She is more the in-your-face combatant. She likes you to know the moment before your gone. She praises honorable challenge. She has definitely provided back up support in the rare occasion i was seen and outnumbered. I am glad she is on my side.

    In the past 20 years, i have developed with this organization significantly. I share this much, because it is a security letter to myself, in the event memory is erased (stranger things have happened). i still refrain to a degree because others reading it is possible. Although this organization is still mutable in title, one reference for it presently is An-Xileel. One i find suitable.

    Since that magical type burst occcurred, many strange things have occurred. I am taking a small group to investigate further. As usual we shall do what we must to protect our leel, follow the Hist and serve Seth.

    Seth Salute
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    Kota-Sax-Blood of True An-Xileel
    Psn community page: An-Xileel
    Seth Salute
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