Looking for a real life friendly, mature and active cross alliance PvE raid guild

Greetings everyone,

Old school she-nerd looking for:
real life friendly, social, mature, fun loving, relaxed and active (cross alliance & TS using) raid guild of medium size.

I love to raid, quest and also too goof around, having adventures and doing some unusual silly stuff around Cyrodiil (like cross alliance fishing, naked raids, drunken raids).

I play ESO since beta and have my share of raid experience. Only raids I haven't completed yet are vMoL and vSO.
My PvP guild is Wabbajack, and I am running now and then (when I have the time) PvP-raids with them or the War Council. Though, I am not a hardcore PvPer.

I have max. level (CP) Healer, Tank and DD to offer. Though, I have to admit, that my loot-luck is totally rotten and RNG-Jesus totally hates me.
So my gear is mostly crafted or put together from easy to obtain gear like worm cult and stuff like that.

It has become really hard to find a good active raid guild that raids in early evenings (starting 7:00 / 8:00 pm CET), since real life has a tight schedule for me (job, sports, friends and other non-ESO hobbies).

I usually play like 3 - 6 days a week between 3 - 10 (or even more) hours. It depends if it is weekend, if I have vacation or if my job is demanding a lot attention of me.
It also can happen that I am gone for 1 - 3 weeks on vacation or a business trip. During that time I am not going to play at all. But that is something I announce before I am gone ;-)

As you can see, playing cartman-style and 24/7 is no option for me. I still play a lot more than a casual player and I love raiding and running trials on a regular base.
I am also not hard-pressed to achieve the highest ranking on trials. If it is doable, fine. If not and I just get the lowest rank that still gives the golden weekly item - fine, too.

Plus, I want to play the game for pure fun and take my mind off the stress of my job - not having to put up with elitist e-sport stress to be higher, faster, better than everyone else. That's not what I seek in a game. I leave that to the others who still have that time. I don't have it anymore ;-)


  • Jotunhiemr

    I am Raven on of the leaders of a guild called the runners. We are a multi-allience guild who do a variety of PVE and PVP content including dungeons, trails and some random events too! We run trails weekly at least twice usually on fridays and sundays but we are a guild that take in suggestions for our members and try and adjust to include everyone. We are currently battling against vS0 having defeated manti last weekend and now pushing to defeat Ozara. We are a friendly helpful guild with people will to help out all you would have to do is ask. The fact you may have to not play for a week or two at a time is no worries we understand that rl happens and not everyone can play everyday. Maybe we can help you get some of those harder to obtain sets as after the next patch we will be able to trade bound dungeons items so we be going on plenty of runs to help kit out members out and trading between ourselves to help one another out as the RNG gods hate me too. (7 wayrest runs and no impen helm for anyone)

    If you would be interested in joining please contact either me at @RavenRanger or @Zesir0 or @PinduriBerkenye in game an we will sort some out.
  • Rhian-Skybladeb16_ESO
    Thank you so much for the reply.
    I will contact you or your guild mates in Game, as soon as I get online :)

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