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Soul Shriven
So, this has been bothering me for a while, ever since playing through the Alik'r Desert: If the Alik'r are so devoted to preserving their ancestors remains, going so far as to not even kill a Ra-Netu when it would mean their own death; What is their thoughts on Vampirism? A Vampire is not alive so I can see how they might not want to fight one, but at the same time, a Vampires body wouldn't quite classify as "remains". They are still (sometimes) in control of their own will, unlike a zombie, which leads me to believe since the Vampire is not quite a "puppet" the Alik'r would have no trouble cutting it down. So my question: Would an Alik'r have trouble fighting a Vampire? Is it a morally grey area in their culture? If they are opposed to fighting any and all undead why the hell aren't there more Vampires in the Desert? Seems like paradise, feed all you want, and the local guard just whisper a holy prayer as you pass. Perhaps a Vampire would even be treated with a degree of honor, seeing as how the whole belief stems from honoring ones ancestors, and what is a Vampire if not somebody's great-great-great blood-sucking granddaddy?
However, am I just misinterpreting their beliefs? I will admit the Alik'r culture is strange to me "Oh, the body is holy, as it is a vessel for the gods. So no disturbing dead bodies." "Kay, but let's say Tamir is alive and owes me money.." "Stab the mother-lover."
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    All races abhor vampires and would see them exterminated. Ra-netu are very specific. Resguard will, and have, killed undead and vampires. Ra-netu are specifically redguatd ancestors
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    Redguards view vampires as an abomination, just like any other type of undead in Redguard society. There is a conversation you can have with an Ash'abah about it actually, I'll see if I can dig up the screenshots I took of it and post them here. As someone with a Redguard vampire I found the conversation rather amusing :D.
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    Okay I couldn't find those screenshots so I took some new ones.

    **Warning: Spoilers for the "Master of Leki's Blade" quest ahead!**


    After making your decision on the fate of Fadalia at the end of the quest, you may find this Ash'abah lurking nearby. If you chose to kill her, he'll just say he's off to find more risen dead to kill. If you chose to spare her, all the conversation options you can have with him are pictured below.

    As a basic summary though: vampirism is considered blasphemy, but they are neither risen dead nor sacred ancestors so they're a bit of a grey area as far as the Ash'abah's duties are concerned. This member of the Ash'abah is adamant that they need to be slain as while they are not risen ancestors they are still abominations in the eyes of Tu'whacca. Unfortunately, there seems to be no follow-up dialogue to tell you whether the Elders decided that vampires need to be dealt with by the Ash'abah as part of their duties or not.

    Based on this I'd say it's going to depend on a Redguard's perspective on the nature of vampirism whether they think killing a vampire is okay or whether they'd be too afraid to do so in fear of dishonoring themselves, considering the Ash'abah themselves don't appear to have a clear guideline on the matter.




    "The time was not right. Once things calm down, you can deal with her."

    "No. She aided us in finding the true enemy and made a full confession. She should live."



    "Talia has placed her faith in my judgement. I say she is not a risen ancestor, now fall in line."

    "Perhaps you are right. Do as you will."

    "Brother, you must trust me. Look at her. She suffers. She may well atone in time."
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