[EU/PC] The Guild of Illuminates want heroes, leaders, crafters and traders to join our ranks

Soul Shriven

We are the Guild of Illuminates - We walk in daylight, and we walk in shadows... seen and unseen.
Strategic members of several other large guilds in Tamriel - Influence and power runs in our blood.
    Join the Guild of Illuminates and be a part of a new power rising!

The 'Guild of Illuminates' is a social and trading guild, for players who wish to be part of a community, whether for grouping, solo'ing, RP'ing, immersion, in PvE and/or PvP.
Our aim is to build and expand an active, friendly and social community and we are looking for more like-minded people to join us.

At the moment we are working on a new website and setting up a social platform using Facebook and social comms using Teamspeak (work in progress).
(for more info on this or to help, contact a senior member in the guild).
  • We have members who specialize in helping others with addons and with tweaking settings/systems to run the game better :)
  • Members from other large guilds in Tamriel
  • Cross alliance / not alliance exclusive [DC/AD/EP] (we welcome all friendly and social people)
  • Crafting on request - especially starter gear for new adventurers
  • Access to Guild Store and trading from Guild Bank
  • Shadow Broker - who buys and sells gear/items for members

Join us...
Contact us here on the forums or in-game: @Phoenix_Frost

Guild of Illuminates
EU/PC servers - English
Daggerfall Covenant (cross alliance - other alliances are welcome)

Guild of Illuminates - Official Page (public)
Guild of Illuminates - Private Group (closed)

Guild of Illuminates - Steam

Guild of Illuminates (under construction)
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