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Ps4 Guild - building Aldmeri PVP squad for reg Sunday afternoon play. Come kill things with us.

My buddy and I are looking to build a squad for regular Sunday afternoon play that extends beyond the standard 20 vs 20 head-on collision zerging and running in circles. We'd like to test new strategies for maximizing AP and pulling the action to us.

This will be a very low-key, laid back group, but we'd like to equip the characters with abilities that work together and employ some basic strategy. One example is flanking. When groups of 15 hit another group, the tanks all move forward and the weaker toons migrate to the back. A successful flanking strategy would send some stealth dps and a tank/healer off to the side to wipe the weaker toons. Once you realize that everyone always plays the same way, killing them doesn't seem so hard.

Depending on group size/makeup, when deciding activities we'll look at keep defense, the resource tower game, outpost capture/defense, ganking, keep capture...we're pretty much open to whatever earns the most AP. We are not PVP AP experts...I struggle to earn 100k on a Sunday running alone, but as the group grows we will do the research and figure out how to get those 30k ticks. We definitely welcome experts who know how to earn millions of AP, lol.

New player? Low level? No problem. There's a role for everyone. Previously the guild was a leveling guild running tutorials on the game, so we are happy to help newer players while we run around Cyrodiil. And if you're eyeing any of those abilities/passives in the assault/support tree, we'll help you get your rank up to unlock them. If you provide mats, we also craft 9-trait in everything for free for anyone running with us, and if you're newer we can help you figure out how to equip your toons.

If you have a guild slot open, we can send an invite. There's not much else going on with the guild, though, and we're looking to rebuild. However, you DON'T HAVE TO BE A GUILDIE to run with us. Anyone who wants to run but doesn't have a guild slot, we can PSN message when we're starting, or work out some other way to group up.

Anyway, that's it - looking to PVP in a way that's more fun than zerging. We are planning to run Sunday afternoon/evening, starting as early as 12:00 California time, but we'll start later if that works for those wanting to play.
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