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The vampire lord should be added these are just some ideas on its implication

The "you" is referring to the dev team and Im looking for community support so hopefully this could be put in the game as I would love to see it happen and put a lot of thought into it

All day I was thinking about the vampires and how they only have two non ultimate abilities compared to the werewolves who have 5 non ultimate abilitiesI like many others am a huge fan of the games, and the vampire lord and was thinking that if it was made the vampires ultimate the lord or a version of the vampire that was the lord mode then you could do maybe this

1) powers five non ultimate abilities would include the vampiric drain and mist form like you already have, but in lord mode they would be more powerful and less powerful out side of lord mode; but would also include a vampiric seduction like the werewolf howl but instead of fearing enemies simply pacifies them for the same amount of time and possible morphs could include an increase in the duration or a vampires thrall morph makeing the enemy temporarely fight for you, but in the case of pvp the player just wouldnt be able to hurt you for the duration of the ability and you cant hurt them either; another could be the bat swarm (the current ultimate only weaker and instead of having a low ultimate cost would just have a magica cost), the fifth ability I'm not sure on but was thinking vampiric grip which would work like the dragon night pull chain ability)

2)and the werewolf trans to make it fair would cost less ultimate than it currently does (let's say the vamp lord has a cost of 350 then the werewolf would have a cost of 250 or something like that)

3) you could acquire this by already having vampirism and doing quests for lamae bal or hitting level 10 with vampirism, but if it was added then I say leave that one up to the wonderful dev team

4) ultimate morphs for transformation
1-vampiric count or lord (like pack leader) you would have a feral vampire or a thrall following you around like packleader has wolves
2-vampiric knight or master you get increased magica regen and reduced cost of abilities instead of damage like berserker
3-unlike werewolves their would be no bonus to running with other vampires except maybe increased health gain from things like vampiric drain
4-instead of feeding on corpses to increase duration and infinite time would be op their would have to be some kind of restriction so maybe the timer reduces slower, lasts longer, but you can only extend it by killing people and it would take 3 or 4 people to be killed in order to fill the bar the same amount that devourering them would or make it depend on your stage of vampirism so it takes less to increase the bar if you are in stage one

5) lore friendly ancient vampires like lord harkon from Skyrim probably weren't the only ancient vampire lords and who knows how far back the vampire lords date to

6) basic attacks and movement-like skyrim when you use the crouch but to go from hovering to ground transport you should be able to switch and when on the ground you can only attack with your claws and don't have access to the ability toolbar , but when hovering you don't have any basic attacks for balancing sake and as for visuals the right half of you toolbar would visuals be cast with the lords right hand, and the left half of the toolbar would be cast with the left hand visualy only so you would still activate the abilities the same way

7) overall appearance- werewolf in eso looks more like a wolf than in skyrim and I dont mean to be rude, but I always thought the vampire lord looked like an ugly disfigured orc or atleast the face did, but any way the point was to in eso make the lord mode look more like a bat with full wings on it's back and change the face to look more bat like the rest of the body could still be the same as in skyrim

8)For balancing sake I have put a lot of thought into it and would love to see this added to the game as I really like being a vampire and Qwerewolf, but vampires don't get a whole toolbar just for their abilities and they only have 2 that aren't ultimates(and if the lord was added hypothetically as it's own type of vampire then potentially werebears or something similar could be added to balance the scale given that I know things like that are a part of the lore) and you could even add it as a dlc which could include the original dawnguard and it's founders as a new guild and maybe even a vampire guild only vampires can join or you become a lord when you do ("cough" "cough" lord Harkons group "cough") and although I don't know when they became werewolves you could add the companions or some other group as a werewolf faction.If it was implicated as dc some potential names could be "war of the new moon","battle for night""Blood lords", or simple and straight to the point "Vampire lord/dawnguard (pack/dlc)" or leave out dawnguard- "Vampire lord pack/dlc"
Edited by Wysguy99 on July 17, 2016 2:22AM
  • ArchMikem
    Emperors in Cyrodiil would be nothing but Vampire Lord Nightblades.

    Might as well just hand Tamriel over to the Daedra. :P

    Though I'd never oppose new content.
    Edited by ArchMikem on July 17, 2016 12:28AM
    CP1,700+ Master Explorer - AvA Legate - Console Peasant - The Clan
  • Wysguy99
    Thank you for the feedback I hope it is the first of many
  • Wysguy99
    I would really like some more feedback on the ideas themselves, but any and all feedback is appreciated
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