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New Citadel [EP] [PvP/PvE/Trials]

Soul Shriven
We are an Ebonheart Pact faction, we are a small guild.

We currently have 29 members and are looking to recruit more members to adventure alongside our guild.
Our main goal as a guild is to create a friendly environment for our members and to provide assistance to players in need. We are also currently planning on introducing weekly events and other activities to help our members forge a strong bond, and to perhaps, be the second family(not like school just fyi :D ).
We have players ranging from newbies to hardcore end-game farm grinders 420 1337s, so you can always find someone in the guild to party together.
  • Currently in dire need of PvP focused people.
  • Need more (skilled) people for Trials.
  • Would like to have more dedicated (also active) people to have more fun :)

We also use Discord on a daily basis (and poop talk each other ples no hate).

Contact (in-game) @Durengo @wafflewraplg @Onslaugh
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