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Character video profile compilation

These are not PvP videos as I have done in the past. I've putting together an introduction video to each of my characters as a start to a new story telling video series I'm working on. The music is not the center piece to these in the future as this is mostly experimental. Different music was used to convey different personalities. Apologies in advance for my editing and filming skills, or if you don't like different music styles. I normally only make stuff for PvP.



Edited by Roechacca on July 12, 2016 2:36PM
  • Time4Adventure

    I enjoyed these tremendously. Your music choices are excellent and really assist the personality of each character shine through. The Argonian playing tag with the Kagouti in the pool of water (?) is hilarious. :D

    Apologies but, your camera action and camera angles created a touch of envy in me. IE: early in the video, the wheel spinning on the ceiling, throwing shadows about the room and upon the char... GREAT stuff!! And also your vamp feed/mist work... beat me to the punch on that theme! /sigh /dismiss

    Do you have any plans to create more?
    I hope you do continue to produce! These are fun!
    Thank you for sharing!
  • Roechacca

    Thank you that means a lot. I appreciate your feedback. Also, just because I did something doesn't mean you shouldn't! Make your videos, I look forward to seeing them. I do have a continuing video I'm working on I'll post here when complete. Thanks again.
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