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EU Server DC RPers - We're Calling You!

We are Stormhaven RP found at:

With the megaserver and its iconic ways of phasing players into different shards alot of people have found RP a burden. But there is answer, and it's been active and growing since launch.

For those looking for RP, for a guild and a community that is friendly, active around the clock to help you get into scenes, scenarios and situations for your character, you may or may not have heard of the biggest EU DC roleplay collective, which is us! Take a look at our forum and contact any of our members if you would like an invite to the guild, there is a handy shout box in the top left of the screen, heck... even tell them Leothedino sent you!

We're here for you, every single one of you! Come along and flesh out the grand city of Wayrest, the lands that stretch yonder and soon... (with One Tamriel) let's cover the world.
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