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[DC][EU][PvX]Looking for guild

looking for a guild of mature players with coms for DC.
i dont mind size, pref PvE atm but i do like to PvP from time to time
add me in game @Kristophskee
  • Jotunhiemr

    I am Raven one of the leaders of a guild called the runners. We are a mainly DC guild so many of our member have DC characters and we run both pve and pvp events with trails twice a week on sunday and friday as well as trips in cyrodil for pvp. We have a variety of players of varying levels and we are a fairly mature guild with social members who are willing to help other out.

    I will send you an invite and it up to you whether you wish too accept or not. If you wish to find out more about us you can contact me @RavenRanger or @Zesir0 or @PinduriBerkenye for more info. We also have a guild website if you wish to check it out at
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