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ESO Fashion Site Updates

I wanted to share some of the updates I've been doing to ESO Fashion over the last couple months.

ESO Fashion is a visual database and character gallery that's been around since pre-launch. The aim of the site is to provide images of in-game items and a place where people can upload their characters to share or give inspiration to others.

Prior to launch, Dulfy and I took screenshots of as much of the crafted armor and weapons that we could. Once the game launched, we relied on users of the site to send in images to keep the database updated. Unfortunately, people began to send in less and less images, Dulfy stopped playing, and I never had the time to level characters and gather materials to do images myself. I continued to update the site with whatever was sent in, but there were large droughts of no submissions and the site suffered.

When 2.4 hit the PTS, character templates received The Ultimate Crafting Crate which enabled me to craft almost all of the items available. I spent a couple weeks doing all of the tier 1 and tier 10 sets for everything I had access to. Then I spent a couple more weeks doing backend work with a developer, upgrading the server, and fixing little issues here and there. This has helped site speed tremendously, which has been a constant problem since we launched.

Crafted Armor and Weapons

All tier 1 and tier 10 armor and weapons for every style are on the site with a few exceptions. I don't have the new 2.5 styles or the weapons for the faction styles (Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, Ebonheart Pact) yet. I've also done the following:
  • Replaced all images from pre-launch up through patch 1.2
  • Replaced all Orc and Redguard images from before the style update in game update 6
  • Separating all weapon posts into individual posts for each style to make it easier to find (I'm not finished yet because I've been doing this as I take pictures and I'm about midway through the alliance styles right now.)


While working on the tier 1 and tier 10 pics, I noticed it was very difficult to use the current pages to find every crafted item for one style. I built pages for every motif so you can find all items on one page instead of using the current pages broken out by armor weight and weapon type.


I've seen a lot of complaints about the site because it was difficult to compare different styles. The thumbnail images used as link previews are too small and at 80% quality making it difficult to see details. I created two types of comparison pages to give people more options when comparing styles.
  • Style to Style - These are broken up the same way the original pages are by armor weight and weapon type except each page has full size images (need to click on the thumbs and then you can use the lightbox to scroll through) of every style on one page. The links are set up so you can open one or more sections at the same time to more easily compare different styles.
  • Individual Style - These pages are broken out one style per page and show the tier 1 and tier 10 versions of all crafted items on one page. This allows you to compare and contrast the differences in one style between the simplest and most complicated versions.

  • I built a Collections page to somewhat mirror Collections in-game. This includes all of the style options available with Game Update 11, but is organized so the Appearance options are at the top.
  • I also built a page that organizes Collections items by source. This does not include Crown Store items since there is already a Crown Store page on the site.


I re-did the images for every costume I had access to with character select screenshots and added dyed images. I purposely used horrific color combinations to make it easier to see which parts of the costume correspond to the different dye channels.

Site Changes
  • I rearranged the menus to fit more pages, made them transparent so they work properly with mobile devices, and made them larger so people don't accidentally click on the banner ad.
  • I had my developer make changes to the side bar filter so you can now choose whether you want to return all items tagged with all categories or all items tagged with any of the categories. They also fixed it so that you can't check categories that are only used as headers.
  • I added a Taking Screenshots guide to give people tips on taking better screenshots for the site.
  • I updated the Hidden Crafting Stations guide and added location information for motifs and gem stones to the crafting guides, motif pages, and comparison pages.

I'm sure there a bunch of smaller things I've forgotten. I have a few things I would still like to do and there have been a number of suggestions that I either can't make happen or it would be too time consuming or expensive to do. Hopefully, everything will make the site easier to use and more useful than it has been lately. Please let me know if you have any problems, see anything that is incorrect, or would like me to do something else.
ESO Fashion Visual Database and Character Gallery
  • Saoirse_Siobhan
    I like the changes, it's seems to be much better now, will have a thorough look once it's fully updated
    PC/EU DC
  • Exiled_Messenger
    ...will have a thorough look once it's fully updated

    I'm not sure I will ever have time to do every single crafted item myself. I'm doing what I can, but I do have 9 other sites I have been neglecting.
    ESO Fashion Visual Database and Character Gallery
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