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Modular MagSorcerer for Beginner-Intermediate on a budget

The short, short version: Seducer and Julianos are good set armors to build around. Check out Shadow Dancer's first four bonuses, they are great and relatively cheap. Try 4 Magnus if you can't get Shadow dancer at your level.

I'm about to leave this set up partially behind to accommodate a monster set (hopefully this weekend) and thought it could help out some sorcerers who can't afford or can't acquire the higher end stuff just yet. It's not a serious end game or elite build in any way, but it gets the job done in both PvE and PvP on a budget. For those under CP 160, try a combo of 5 Seducer or 5 Julianos w/ 4 Magnus or other. I wouldn't recommend buying any gear until you get to CP 160. You can buy most of the CP 160 pieces in purple from guild traders without spending a fortune. Don't be intimidated by some guild overcharging, shop around. If you just got to CP 160 gear, buying 4 pieces instead of crafting them can save you time & mats. Do you want to use around 500 ancestor silk, make it purple & enchant it, then not like the armor? Or, pay about 10-12k in gold to make use of this now, and save the more precious mats for when you're more confident of your build... Imo the gold comes quicker & easier in this game than the materials do.

2 Heavy, 5 Light 4x Divines, 3x Infused
Head: Seducer Light Infused
Shoulders: Shadow Dancer Light Divines
Chest: Seducer Heavy Infused
Belt: Shadow Dancer Light Divines
Legs: Seducer Heavy Infused
Feet: Shadow Dancer Light Divines
Gloves: Shadow Dancer Light Divines
DW: Swords of Seducer (makes 5 bonus for bar 1)
Staff: Destro/Resto of Seducer
Jewelry: Willpower +1451 Max Magicka +193 Spell Damage Add Spell Damage enchants & buy what you can afford #1 Arcane, #2 Healthy, #3 Robust.
All +Magic enchants

CP 160 stats -

Shadow Dancer set gives:
967 Maximum Magicka
967 Maximum Magicka
129 Spell Damage

Seducer set gives:
129 Magicka Recovery
967 Maximum Magicka
129 Magicka Recovery
(DW) Reduce the Magicka cost of abilities by 8%

Feel free to switch in Julianos for Seducer if you want, I prefer the extra recovery over critical. Critical % still isn't a total waste in PvP with all the Impenetrable trait wearers out there, but it is reduced by that factor enough that I go for the resource. The difference in my crystal shards was about 2k damage on tooltip between Seducer & Julianos.

Seducer only needs 3 traits to make, so it should already be available to you or you can research your way to it pretty quickly. When you're more comfortable with resource management, you can go Julianos, but you may end up needing to use overload, resto staff, or other methods to recover magic in a long fight.

The core of this build to me is actually the Shadow Dancer set. I paid about 2-5k gold per piece. It's bonuses are the same, just the opposite order of the elegance set - which is priced much, much higher than shadow dancer due to the usefulness of the 5th bonus. Since I don't want the 5th bonus from either set, I'll take the much cheaper one. 4 dancer pieces = +1934 magic and +129 spell damage which is pretty efficient imo. If you are under CP 160, Craft a Magnus 4 piece to go with your Seducer or Julianos 5 piece. Or whatever combo of the three works, but the 5th bonus on Seducer and Julianos are more useful more often than the 5th on Magnus.

Use whatever skills you want, this armor set-up should support whatever you try. I'm not a pet user at all, so I can't speak for how it works for that.

As I am set up now, when I get my monster stuff incorporated, it will slot right in without upending my set bonuses too much.
Fear is the Mindkiller
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