Your Character's Personality in a Few Words

  • Niko1987
    "It must be nice to fight for something you feel so strongly about. Too often I don't have that luxury."- Ahrilux
    @Niko1987 | PC NA
    Lady Ahrilux | Nord | Dragonknight | STAM Tank in Training
  • BlackSparrow
    Nephikah the Houseless: Murderess, weakness for Argonians

    Swum-Many-Waters: Old lady, questionable past

    Silh'ki: Excitable kitten with warhammer

    Peregrine Huntress: Shoot until dead, repeat

    Loranyawe: Standard Altmer, until FIRE!!! :D

    Lorelai Magpie: Just here for shinies

    I've had a few new additions since last time this thread did the rounds:

    Rasheda the Burning Heart: Protects teammates from selves

    Hex-Eye Azabi: Mephala cultist versus Bal

    Yngva Stormhammer: (Mostly) reformed bandit leader
    I am Queen of Typos. If you don't see "Edited by BlackSparrow" above this line, please assume my account has been taken over by scamps and react accordingly.

    My Girls:
    "Will you be going to Vvardenfell?"

    Nephikah the Houseless, dunmer assassin: "... Maybe. I grew up there, but it's not a place of happy memories. If I do go, House Telvanni can expect my homecoming to be... bloody."
    Swum-Many-Waters, argonian healer: "Yes. I once swore to myself that I would never swim those waters again, but it seems that fate has called me back to the place of my captivity. Long ago, I made it my mission to free the oppressed of Morrowind. Perhaps I can do so again."
    Silh'ki, khajiit warrior-chef: "Nephikah describes many strange foods from her childhood. This one would like to try them!"
    Peregrine Huntress, bosmer hunter: "I have little will to see forests made of mushrooms instead of trees."
    Lorenyawe, altmer scholar: "Absolutely. I came to the Pact to study volcanoes, after all. The idea that I might have access to Red Mountain itself leaves me positively tingly."
    Lorelai Magpie, breton thief: "Sure! I bet there's lots of old money stashed in those Great Houses!"
    Rasheda the Burning Heart, redguard knight: "Where Swum-Many-Waters goes, I go. Any slaver who thinks to take advantage of her kindness will answer to my sword."
    Hex-Eye Azabi, khajiit witch: "No. Khajiit has no interest in the dark elves, unless it is to sick daedra on them."
    Yngva Stormhammer, nord bandit (reformed...ish): "Every dark elf I've ever met is a piece of horker dung. Go to a place full of them? I'd rather kiss a hagraven."
    Madam Argentia, dunmer aristocrat: "I haven't been to Vvardenfell since my youth, centuries ago. I must admit that I am curious what has changed."
    Mazie gra-Bolga, orc scout: "Go? I'm already there!"

    (Signature idea shamelessly stolen from Abeille.)
  • Celas_Dranacea
    Clever like a fox
    A Bosmer Nightblade Werewolf
  • Dancingwolf91
    Soul Shriven
    Elenwen Larethorin. Altmer Templar.
    Adherent of Stendarr, steadfast in defense of her friends but full of self doubt usually, Mélomane.
  • Darkshines
    Soul Shriven
    Arabella Aedyr; Altmer, Sorcerer: Intelligent, beautiful and discreetly megalomaniac.

    (I rather not say his name); Breton, Nightblade: Highly skilled, fair, slinky.
  • Perry___
    Soul Shriven
    Perry Cup'Older: Greedy, Sympathetic, Lusty.
  • Kram8ion
    My wood elf is a totally deaf mute and has a liking for sharp pointy things
    Kramm magblade
  • Krist
    Krist Lionheart - Kind, honest, thoughtful, caring, noble, brave

    Hughe - Selfish, strong willed, single minded, proud, loyal, honest or dishonest, highly intelligent, arrogant.....(Hughe is a complex character, and I love HIM for it)

    Luke Minhere
    - Playful, flirtatious, cunning, sure of himself but not arrogant, loyal friend (not loyal lover), talented

    I play others, and write about others, but these are actually my main characters that have been around looooooong before ESO was a thought. They fit in great with the fiction though.
    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
    "Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
    "That place, between day and night, that purple color just before dark, that is where you will find me"- Hughe
  • LegendaryMage
    Which one? My lizard will eat you alive if you give him the wrong look. My brute stamplar doesn't take it either. My sorcs mostly keep to themselves, working on their own things and generally have a good sense of humor. My woodelf nb will put a knife in your back without blinking, and the rest of my guys don't talk much. The banker looks funny tho, posing as an imperial chancellor down in grahtwood.
  • Tyrion87
    My character's personality?

    It is bugged - it just disappears each time when I use a wayshrine.

    So I think it makes him ambivalent and unstable...
    Edited by Tyrion87 on January 27, 2017 5:17PM
  • Judas Helviaryn
    Judas Helviaryn
    Judas Helviaryn, Dunmer Magsorc: Dunmer Master Race.

    Skin-Walker, Bosmer Stamblade: Suddenly Werewolf!

    The Cackling Pikeman, Breton Blaze Tank: Giggling Bug Lantern.

    Daisy Cutter, Dunmer MagDK: Explosive Fun.

    Depraved Lunatic, Dunmer Magblade: Floss your ribs every day, kids!

    Edited by Judas Helviaryn on January 28, 2017 5:24PM
  • Rouven
    Altmer Sorceress: Fiery passion mixed with dignified armageddon.

    Nord Dragonknight: Cold exterior, solitary hunt.

    Redguard Templar: Stoic salsa, fierce friend.

    Dunmer Nightblade: Satirical sadistic dark assassin.
    Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time. ~ Terry Pratchett
  • ObsidianMichi
    Arlysa Telwen, Sorcerer, last seen: sleeping under a tree

    Eirwen Katariel, Stamblade: "I told you to--" *hurk*

    Kaythra Hawke, Tanky NB/Stamblade: A kiss? A fist.

    Delvina, Magblade, Vamp: Silence is the grave.

    Celene Brent, Stamplar: Pay me.

    Elyssa Frey, Tank DK: Get up. Fight!

    Narisa Telvani, Magknight: a flaming ***, figuratively

    Catrine Greenwing: A tincture for you.

    Irweia: Not here for this.

  • Meathook94
    My female Argonian

    1. Likes stabby things...
    2. Likes 'splodey things
    3. Likes to dance.
    4. Likes females... :wink:
  • Mivryna
    Naive, persistent, lonely.
  • Skeletalkk
    Kireth Telvanni - naughty, quick, witty, seductive
    - PC EU -
    Kireth Telvanni - Dunmer - MagSorc

    The Ending of Words is AlmSiVi.

    Accept Mephala's Embrace.
  • Kram8ion
    Just eyes and ears
    No mouth
    Kramm magblade
  • MelodiousAccord
    Such a crafty khajiit,

    Refined, but also kind.

    Aventus Amedeo:
    Weathered, but very powerful.

    Young and hard-headed.

    Nyrvana Llithios:
    Sarcastic and sometimes caustic.

    An odd, childish sort.

    <Torchbug Parts>

    ☤ Estelisse, heals ☤
    ♚ Aventus Amedeo, tank ♚
    ϟ Nyrvana Llithios, dps ϟ
    ➳ J'zeira, dps ➳
  • Cadbury
    Orc Magplar:

    "If a person is truly desirous of something, perhaps being set on fire does not seem so bad."
  • mbn89
    Asmund Rygnestad

    1: Superlative
    2. Colossal
    3. Resplendent
    4. Consummate ;)
  • Keldheir
    I don't RP but since I play my characters for month and month, several hours a day I get an idea of who I am playing. Summing up may not be easy but I can give it a try with my most played characters.

    Bosmer sorc: Cheerful vegetarian Leprechaun, also magical.

    Altmer templar: Classy food-loving exploraholic, shops too much.
    Edited by Keldheir on April 24, 2017 2:55PM
    PC / NA / EU | Alliance Rank: Corporal Grade 1
  • yashualaydin
    Baron Yashu al-Aydin: FOREBEAR, devout to the 8 Divines, chivalrous, short-sighted and honest.

    Eshumoushe Auspal: ASHLANDER, cynic, cunning, lustful and liar.

    Torug gro-Dushnikh: STRONGHOLD ORC, Trinimac-worshipper (not devout), proud, rowdy and charitable.
    Baron Yashu al-Aydin - Forebear from Herne Island: "May Diagna guide my blade and Tava show me the way."

    Eshumoushe Auspal - Ashlander from Vvardenfell: "While you try to pronounce my name, you get stabbed. Simply as that."
  • Shardan4968
    Wuleen-Ze: distrustful, seek revenge on dunmer, but he keeps it to himself because of Pact, also empathic and kind.
    The saddest ganker EU.
    Ebonheart Pact Wuleen-Ze - Argonian Stamina Nightblade
  • rtaylor63
    Urag Bakh: collected, calm, resilient, stubborn
  • DaThornz
    Soul Shriven
    El Thornz (Argonian): Calm, collective. But loves a good fight. Not a fan of the Dark Elfs for enslaving his kind - but has to get along due to the Pact.
    Thorns bring Blood.
  • FlyLionel
    Stamina NB Wood Elf.

    Experienced, intuitive and bored. Also eager.
    The Flyers
  • Shogunami
    Qa'Tayam: Steadfast, Proud, Swift, Kindhearted
    "I think Orcs first turned a bear head into food because it looks amazing." -Orzorga.
  • sonxio
    my templar Adam Brown: Idiot Savant

    Time flies like an arrow, banana flies like banana.
  • Kram8ion
    Stamblade sneaky wood elf and she's a mute has attention deficit disorder and is a little dead inside
    Kramm magblade
  • HappyHaunt
    Demita: Devout Sotha Sil worshipper, Dwemer researcher, quite serious.
    By the word, I wind the gears.
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