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[RP] Welcome to The Rosy Lion!

Soul Shriven
Located in the northern part of Daggerfall in Glenumbra, The Rosy Lion Inn welcomes weary travelers who have journeyed across the lands of Tamriel. As you walk in you are greeted with the laughter of the townspeople as they drink their cold ale and enjoy the comforts of the Inn. By the warmth of the fire you hear the melodious tune of a bard playing the lute.You glance over towards a Breton across a counter and recognizes him as Gregoire Lafont, the innkeeper of the Rosy Lion. A cheer is heard on the back corner of the Inn and you notice a band of adventurers clanking their ales for a toast. The orc lady known as Mighty Mordra, the leader of the Undaunted group here in Daggerfall, prepares a speech for her Undaunted members. Different adventurers come and go as you look for a spot to rest your tired feet from traveling and maybe grab a decent mug of ale.


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