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PC/Mac Patch Notes v2.4.10

Community Manager
The Elder Scrolls Online v2.4.10 is a small incremental patch that includes a handful of fixes for quests, combat, UI, and gameplay. The size of this patch is approximately 106MB.


Combat & Gameplay
  • Dark Brotherhood
    • Shadowy Supplier: The Monk’s Disguise obtained from the Shadowy Supplier will now be appropriately removed if the timer expires after you die. Also, fixed an uncommonly occurring crash related to changing zones at the same moment the Monk’s Disguise expires.


Alliance War
  • Increased the respawn timer for Forward Camps from two minutes to five minutes.

Combat & Gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where charge abilities (Shield Charge, Critical Charge, etc.) were causing your camera to clip through terrain when charging on certain slopes and hills.
  • Fixed an issue where the Champion Rank 160 system mail was being sent to your account numerous times.
  • Improved the speed at which the Looking for Group system can analyze and match players.
  • Fixed an issue that would occur if you joined the Group Finder with a group of three, and one player left, that the queue would not replace that player.

Quests & Zones
  • Coldharbour
    • The Soul-Meld Mage: The compass pins will no longer direct you back through the rubble heap after you enter the room to find the Corrupted Blood. You will now properly be pointed to the door to the Experiment Chamber.
  • Khenarthi’s Roost
    • Moon-Sugar Medicament: Zulana will no longer bury herself inside solid stone when attempting to approach your character.
  • The Rift
    • Trial of the Mind: The empty sack associated with this Geirmund's Hall quest is once again usable.

  • Fixed an issue where lockboxes, Thieves Troves, and chests displayed an item name instead of the correct container name.
Japanese Game Client
  • Fixed an issue where the day character (日) associated with the guild creation date was being displayed as a blank square on the guild screen.
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