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Ayrenn's Elite - Aldmeri Dominion but all welcome!

Soul Shriven
Ayrenn's Elite is a new guild with just less than 20 players right now but we are trying to grow and although we want this guild to be for grouping up for dungeons and PvP content we would also like to offer a bit of trading too. Hopefully we can get a guild trader in time so any alliance is welcome!

We allow players to deposit 4k to the bank for access to the items within it, its just a small amount which we will eventually put towards stocking the bank for you guys or bidding on guild traders!

Leave your name below for an invite and we will add you!
  • Pakkastuuli
    Soul Shriven
    Hey, started PS4 side of the game a few days ago, now lvl33 healer incoming and seeking PVE end-game. PSN: JaniLehto
  • TheAfraidChimp
    Soul Shriven
    Invited you! :smile:
  • Rildude
    Soul Shriven
    Recently started and currently am a lvl 28 altmer templar. Been looking for a guild and hope I can join. PSN: Rildude
  • fearmentor
    Soul Shriven
    If your still recruiting ill join. level 28 Sorcerer. PSN: Shaka2k

  • toniaslee
    Soul Shriven
    Sounds GREAT!
    PSN: toniaslee
  • TauinaolaShadow
    I would love to join.
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