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Father of the Valenwood

Queen Ayrenn glared at the Soulless One, then to Razum-Dar, and back to the Vestige.

"How ever did you get a whole forest to join our cause, and why, pray tell, do the people now call you the Father of the Valenwood?" She asked.

"Yes, this one is also curious." Raz muttered.

"I'll tell you, but you won't believe it." the Soulless One declared. "As you know, I was sent to earn the trust of Bramblebreach, in doing so, I was offered the chance of an audience with the Wilderking, he informed me that a woman named Aranias had special abilities, and that it would be wise to have her on our side, but the problem with that, is the Veiled Heritance, had her on a short leash, mind and body." He sat up to get a more comfortable position. "The Wilderking sent me to a Spinner Maruin, so that I may somehow enter Aranius' memories and apply myself as a trusting friend, to give her the confidence to resist the Heritence."

A small group of flowers had blossomed into the room, from a vine that had entered through the window, as if to also listen to the story being told.

"Raz does not like this idea, of magic that can alter one's memories" the Khajiit mentions while sniffing at the new blossoms.

"Raz, quiet." the Queen snapped at her trusted friend and adviser. "please, go on."

"I had entered her memories, but they didn't seem like memories, it was real, as real as we're sitting here now. What was just moments, seemed like years, Aranius and I spent all our time together, the memories implanted were of our childhood, playing on her parent's land. I helped her cope when her parents left her alone, and helped her fight off bandits that attacked her home and burnt down her farm land. I had stopped her from going through with what the Heritence wanted, and over the years we grew as close friends." The Vestige looked towards the ground.

"Awwww!" The Queen sputtered, but quickly gathered herself and put on a fake stern, professional like face.

"I was forced to leave the memories, as she and Andur, a Veiled Heritence enforcer, were on their way to murder the Wilderking. I rushed to stop them, but the Wilderking was losing his influence on the Valenwood's creatures, and had to cut my way....."

Razum-Dar interrupted. "Yes, yes, you killed a bunch of things, like you usually do, this one is waiting for the end."

The Soulless One shot a glance at Raz. "Very well." he added. "I defeated Andur while Aranius protected the Wilderking, the the latter of whom, informed me that his time in this world was up, and that Aranius was to take his place. While we were talking Aranius was at the top of the King's tower, to contemplate her situation. I followed, and stood behind her quietly. "I don't want to lose myself, my memories of you., you're the best thing that has happened to me, in my world of being used for my abilities" she told me. I embraced her, and then we kissed, sharing a moment of passion after. As her transition into the Wilderqueen passed, so did so, my seed. Soon after, the forest was full of new blossoms."

Ayrenn's eyes widened.

"They call me, now, Father of the Valenwood, as the new blossoms contain my essence and are, in a way, my children." he said, grinning at Raz.

Razaam-Dar glanced at the flowers he had just been sniffing moments ago. "This one....... gross!"
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