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Looking for a trading guild

Currently 326 CP
PVE/crafting is what I enjoy.
50 blacksmithing (most traits researched)
50 clothing (most traits researched)
50 woodworking (half traits researched)
50 provisioning
Leveling up alchemy and enchanting as we speak.
I am part of a couple of small trading guilds now, so I am looking for a large guild with "reasonable" dues or donations.

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Started on PC during launch, switched to PS4

Azeroth Mephisto-Grandmaster Blacksmith & Master Enchanter
Stamina Dragonknight
Locien Alagos-Master Tailor
Magicka Sorcerer
J'ihad R'azir-Master Alchemist
Stamina Nightblade
Maximus Von Bloode-Grandmaster Chef
Magicka Templar
Rhawon Gaenir-Master Woodworker
Magicka Nightblade
Jinxari Starr-Master Gatherer
Stamina Sorcerer
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