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Light Armor Trait question

I'm about to craft my first set of CP160 gear which will be a light armor Julianos set. I was wondering what would be a good trait to use for this light armor.

This is for a sorcerer, mostly DPS. I have enchanting maxed out so I will be putting gold enchants on all pieces.

Would you recommend Infused, Divines, something else?

Also, any suggestions for a second armor/weapon set to supplement would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance for the help.

  • Thevorpal1
    Helm, chest and legs I do infused because they will get the most out of the trait for the magicka enchantment. The rest of the armor I would go divines.

    I use 5 julianos, 2 torug swords, 1 kena and the rest seducer for my templar.
    Edited by Thevorpal1 on June 28, 2016 5:00PM
  • AntMan100673
    I use all divines on my magicka dk dps, 5 julianos, 1 kena and the rest magnus
    EU - EP - Dunmer - Dragonknight - Magicka DPS - CP160

    GT: AntMan100673
  • ScarEra
    Put it all divines and make the chest heavy and the leg medium.
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