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ESO+ Problem - Robots are being used to answer queries and mark Unresolved issues as Resolved?

Soul Shriven
I have a few questions and clarifications:

- The problem has not been resolved, so why has the ticket been marked as resolved?

- Why do none of the responders read what I've written? i.e. specifically what I've already tried?

- Why was the ticket marked as solved rather than being pushed up to a technical level to be resolved?

There are a lot more questions but it seems to me the issue is to do with how MS and ESO are communicating, and should be resolved from Zenimax's end.

If there are specific causes of this problem then let us know (so we can avoid doing them), or at least please fix the issue individually in a timely manner, but preferably fix the MS-ESO communication issues.

PS I prefer not to communicate in an open forum, but the responses and treatment have pushed me over the edge.

My ticket is 160621-002239 I hope someone can actually assist.

Oh and one more thing please make the Crafting Bag purchasable and not only tied to ESO Plus, with this I would be less pissed off right now. I've filled up my bank with equipment my characters were hoiking about!

Customer via CSS Web 06/24/2016 06:24 AM
I've restarted my xbox, this did not help.

This is the ESO Live subscription from my bank:

I'm curious what the couple of causes of this problem are, if you let me know then I can avoid doing them.

This is not the first time this has occurred and the last time restarting my XBOX did not resolve it last time, I'm starting to wonder whether this kind of problems are being taken seriously.

Since all the information about my game settings including ESO Plus is stored on your servers and I've paid MS this appears to be an issue between Microsoft and ESO.

Response Robot via Email 06/23/2016 03:44 PM

Thank you for contacting The Elder Scrolls OnlineTeam!

We're sorry to hear that your ESO Plus has gone missing. There are a couple of reasons that this happens, and we recommend the following steps to resolve the problem:

Restart your Xbox One:

From the home screen, use the left thumbstick to go to the “Friends” list (move the left thumbstick left). The scroll down to the “settings” menu (the gear shaped icon) and select “Restart”.

If you still do not have access to ESO Plus after power cycling your system, we recommend checking your bank or credit card statement to ensure the payment went through and contact Xbox Support as they will be able to further assist you.

Best Regards,

The Elder Scrolls Online Team

Customer via CSS Web 06/23/2016 03:37 AM
I'm sorry but "Due to high ticket volumes, we will be unable to assist you further with this ticket" is an unacceptable response.

I could understand that:
- it may take some time
- or you don't know the source of the problem you are looking into it
- or the priority is being raised to be looked at by developers or someone else with more knowledge.

I have paid for the game and also I'm paying for an ongoing subscription.

Response Robot via Email 06/22/2016 04:38 PM

We apologize that we have taken so long to get back to you in regards to your issue. Due to high ticket volumes, we will be unable to assist you further with this ticket. We understand this may be frustrating and we are disappointed that we are unable to deliver a Customer Service experience that is up to our desired standards.

Please also be sure to visit our help portal where you can search for common issues and subscribe to individual articles for any updates about that information:

Best Regards,
The Elder Scrolls Online Team

Customer via CSS Web 06/22/2016 02:07 PM
I've done everything suggested plus:
- uninstalled/reinstalled ESOTU
- deleted local saves/resync

This is not the first time this has happened, I think you left of the most important perk of ESO Plus - the ingredient bag which now I've stuffed my bank with my equipment is MORE important to have it fully available not just withdrawable. I.E. It should be purchasable outright.

Attached email from MS

Response Robot via Email 06/21/2016 03:19 PM


Thank you for your patience while we investigated your issue. We have received reports of issues with players' ESO Plus memberships temporarily not appearing on their character sheets. This would prevent you from accessing any DLC areas and receiving the extra XP.

This does appear to be temporary and we are actively investigating. In most cases, logging out and logging back should make your ESO Plus membership and perks are active again.

If you are still experiencing the issue, please make sure to hard boot your Xbox One to resolve any remaining side effects.

To power cycle your Xbox One:

1. Go to the Home screen
2. Press the Menu button on the controller
3. Select Settings
4. Go to Power & Startup
5. Select Turn Xbox Off
6. Select Yes
7. Turn your console back on by pressing the Xbox button on the console or your controller

Complete the steps above and test the issue again. If the problem persists, please contact us back with the results.

The Imperial City, Orsinium, Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood are included in your ESO Plus membership with no extra purchase required. For more information on how to start Dark Brotherhood, please review thishelp article.

Warm Regards,
The Elder Scrolls Online Team

Customer 06/21/2016 02:05 PM
i received eso plus payment confirmed from ms yesterday. eso shows no eso plus

Additional Details

Reference Number


06/21/2016 02:05 PM

06/24/2016 02:43 PM

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  • Symsyma
    Soul Shriven
    This is quite pathetic. I've given all the evidence required to support my claim in buckets, yet you have NOT acknowledged the problem is at the ESO side. Nor has the problem been raised to a higher technical level to be resolved.

    Customer via CSS Web 06/25/2016 06:35 PM
    I would like my query to be raised to a higher technical support level, so that someone with technical expertise can answer my questions, and resolve my missing ESO Plus on my account.

    Why has my account not been corrected on the ESO servers to reflect my active ESO Plus subscription status (which has been confirmed by MS)?
    - if you need further confirmation you use the MS Service Number which is 1344775533

    1. I've attempted all the suggested troubleshooting resolutions, and none have worked.
    2. I've made unbroken monthly subscription payments since 20/9/2015.
    3. I've confirmed with MS my payments are up to date.
    4. I've confirmed with my bank all payments have been made.
    5. MS send my subscription renewal information to ESO on/around 20th each month, confirmed by MS technical support.
    6. My account doesn't have the ESO Plus flag enabled. This is not an issue rebooting my machine will fix.

    Response Carlee via Email 06/25/2016 12:24 PM

    Thank you for getting back to us, however we have no further troubleshooting to offer for your issue.

    Please be sure to visit our help portal where you can search for common issues and subscribe to individual articles for any updates about that information:

    Best Regards,

    The Elder Scrolls Online Team

    Customer via CSS Web 06/25/2016 07:12 AM
    The following is the transcript with Microsoft tech support,
    they highlight that the problem is with ESO servers and NOT with my XBOX
    Please resolve this immediately!
    info: at 23:28:33
    The current average wait time is 9 minutes.
    info: at 23:30:33
    The current average wait time is 2 minutes.
    info: at 23:32:33
    The current average wait time is 1 minutes.
    info: at 23:33:08
    Privacy Statement
    You are now chatting with 'Elaijah'
    Elaijah: at 23:33:15
    Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Chat Support. My name is Elaijah. Please give me one moment to review your question.
    Me: at 23:33:22
    Elaijah: at 23:35:12
    I apologize for the inconvenience if you're having an issue with your ESO Plus subscription. No worries, since you have me on the line I'll be more than happy to help you out.
    Me: at 23:35:52
    can you help? that would be great if you could.
    Elaijah: at 23:36:19
    Yes, I'll check what I can do.
    Me: at 23:36:23
    At present ESO is telling me my ESO Plus is inactive
    Me: at 23:36:27
    Elaijah: at 23:36:29
    Please allow me to pull up your Microsoft account firs to proceed.
    Elaijah: at 23:36:38
    May I please have your gamer tag and your email attached to your Microsoft account?
    Me: at 23:36:50
    Me: at 23:36:57
    Elaijah: at 23:38:17
    Thank you, your patience is much appreciated. Please give me 2-3 minutes to check on my resources.
    Me: at 23:38:27
    carry on
    Elaijah: at 23:40:42
    Thank you for patiently waiting.
    Elaijah: at 23:41:16
    Your ESO plus subscription is actually active here on our end, may I know what issues you're having with your ESO Plus?
    Me: at 23:41:44
    inside the game it indicates it is not on.
    Me: at 23:42:07
    I've raised a ticket with ESO, they've suggested
    Me: at 23:42:15
    1. restarting xbox
    Me: at 23:42:24
    2. resyncing save game
    Me: at 23:42:32
    3. reinstalling game
    Me: at 23:42:40
    all of which I've done to no avail
    Elaijah: at 23:43:22
    Alright, I appreciate you telling me what steps did the ESO customer support asked you to do.
    Elaijah: at 23:43:35
    I mean, what game feature you're having an issue with? Are you not able to go online?
    Me: at 23:43:56
    I can't access the ESO Plus features
    Me: at 23:44:43
    i.e the crafting bag, various bonuses, and features that are active...also I haven't received the 1500 crowns (game currency)
    Elaijah: at 23:46:57
    Thank you, do you have a reference number from ESO customer support?
    Me: at 23:47:08
    hold on
    Me: at 23:47:57
    Reference Number 160621-002239
    Elaijah: at 23:49:43
    Thank you so much.
    Elaijah: at 23:50:19
    We're going to do further troubleshooting steps and we won't do the same steps again. I'll walk you through, would that be fine?
    Me: at 23:50:47
    ok, xbox is in other room so there will be some lag
    Me: at 23:51:12
    this is a desktop pc :-)
    Elaijah: at 23:52:30
    Oh okay, I understand. You're using an Xbox one console, correct?
    Me: at 23:52:39
    Me: at 23:52:43
    Elaijah: at 23:52:48
    Thank you.
    Elaijah: at 23:52:58
    Please remove your profile from your Xbox console to refresh your profile settings.
    Elaijah: at 23:53:34
    And after, do a hard reset. Hard reset is turning off your Xbox one elite console, unplugging the power supply from the wall outlet and from the console, let the power light on the power supply to turn off or drained before you plug it back.
    Me: at 23:54:28
    ok how do I remove profile? will I keep all my settings?
    Elaijah: at 23:55:09
    Oh, yes, sorry here's the steps.
    Elaijah: at 23:55:20
    No, don't worry this won't affect any of your saved games or data's.
    Elaijah: at 23:55:40
    1.Scroll left on the Home screen to open the guide.
    Elaijah: at 23:55:46
    2.Select Settings.
    Elaijah: at 23:55:47
    3.Select All Settings.
    Elaijah: at 23:55:52
    4.Under "Account," select Remove accounts.
    Elaijah: at 23:55:55
    5.Select the account that you want to remove.
    Elaijah: at 23:55:58
    6.Select Remove to confirm.
    Elaijah: at 23:56:02
    7.When you're finished, select Close.
    Me: at 23:56:27
    ok i'll let you know once I've done this
    Elaijah: at 23:56:42
    Alright, thank you so much.
    Elaijah: at 23:56:46
    Take your time.
    Me: at 0:01:15
    ok removed account, shutdown, unplugged and discharged
    Elaijah: at 0:01:59
    Perfect. Please add your profile back.
    Me: at 0:02:19
    Elaijah: at 0:02:51
    Thank you.
    Me: at 0:05:58
    ok back up
    Elaijah: at 0:06:14
    Perfect. Can you please launch ESO and check if you're able to access ESO plus features now?
    Me: at 0:09:11
    it still shows as "Not Active"
    Elaijah: at 0:09:53
    How about the crowns?
    Me: at 0:10:17
    just the crowns I already had not the 1500 from the monthly subscription
    Elaijah: at 0:12:49
    Alright, one moment please.
    info: at 0:14:56
    Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited agent.
    info: at 0:15:03
    Privacy Statement
    You are now chatting with 'Henry'.
    Henry: at 0:15:11
    Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Henry. Please give me 2-3 minutes to review your question.
    Me: at 0:15:17
    Henry: at 0:15:50
    How's your day going Me?
    Me: at 0:16:07
    mostly ok, thanks. and you?
    Henry: at 0:17:01
    That's great! I'm doing fine as well, thanks for asking. Just to confirm, you are having issue with you ESO subscription, correct?
    Me: at 0:17:08
    Henry: at 0:17:59
    I see. Let me check that here for you. May I have the Gamertag in question please?
    Me: at 0:18:00
    Microsoft appear to have taken payment, and confirmed with bank. But ESO don't appear to want to acknowledge this for whatever reason
    Me: at 0:18:12
    Henry: at 0:18:40
    Thanks. Let me just review the account.
    Henry: at 0:20:26
    Thanks for waiting. Just to confirm, are you referring to the ESO bought last 20/06/2016 for £8.99?
    Me: at 0:20:38
    Henry: at 0:22:20
    I see. I have checked the account here and I can see that the purchase for the ESO is still pending and this may be the reason why it is still not showing in the account.
    Henry: at 0:22:41
    Have you checked your billing information and make sure that they are up-to-date?
    Me: at 0:23:14
    what do you mean?
    Henry: at 0:24:49
    The transaction has not been completed yet. Meaning we have not charged the card that was used to buy the ESO.
    Me: at 0:25:14
    my account doesn't show that
    Henry: at 0:26:09
    Have you checked the billing website: to verify if the transaction did go through successfully now?
    Me: at 0:27:01
    just did
    Henry: at 0:27:43
    Okay and did you see if the payment went through successfully?
    Me: at 0:28:54
    ESO Plus Subscription £7.49 Completed Manage subscriptions
    Me: at 0:29:20
    nothing says pending
    Me: at 0:29:40
    my bank account shows money taken on 11th June and no reversals
    Me: at 0:30:01
    13 Jun 2016 POS 3270 11JUN16 , MICROSOFT , *XBOXLIVE , BILL.XBOX.COM IE - 8.99
    Henry: at 0:30:47
    Oh okay. Can you please provide as a screenshot of the said transaction so we can validate?
    Henry: at 0:31:12
    I'll send you an email and you can reply to it and send the screenshot as an attachment.
    Me: at 0:31:20
    Henry: at 0:31:41
    Thanks and I'll send it to myemail, correct?
    Me: at 0:31:48
    Henry: at 0:32:18
    Henry: at 0:35:20
    Let me know once you have sent the screenshot so we can check here. Thanks.
    Me: at 0:35:39
    not received your email
    Me: at 0:35:41
    Henry: at 0:36:11
    Please refresh your inbox or check your spam and junk mail.
    Me: at 0:38:53
    ok returned
    Henry: at 0:39:15
    Alright. Let me just check it here real quick.
    Henry: at 0:41:10
    Thanks for waiting. Just to confirm, the screenshot was taken from which site?
    Me: at 0:41:22
    Henry: at 0:41:54
    Oh okay. Have you check the billing website I provided to check and seeif the transaction did go through successfully?
    Me: at 0:42:19
    I can send that too
    Henry: at 0:42:32
    Also the transaction date showing is on 13/06/2016 but you bought the ESO on your account on 20/06/2016.
    Henry: at 0:42:47
    So it's impossible that we charge you ahead even before you buy the membership.
    Me: at 0:42:53
    the payment goes early
    Henry: at 0:43:40
    Hmm. That is not possible Me as we only charge you upon purchase of the subscription.
    Henry: at 0:44:14
    Do you have any other account aside from this one?
    Me: at 0:44:19
    its a monthly payment
    Me: at 0:44:21
    Me: at 0:45:04
    the payment on the 13th was initiated on the 11th of June and completed on the 13th...
    Me: at 0:45:51
    I've been paying monthly for the subscription since September/October I think
    Henry: at 0:46:02
    I see. Yes I can see that and your subscription renews every 20th of the month and the 13/06/2016 charge you are seeing is for the 20/05/2016 ESO renewal and not for the 20/06/2016.
    Me: at 0:47:43
    huh that doesn't make sense
    Henry: at 0:49:52
    Just to further explain this, your subscription renewal is different from the billing date. If you can do a back track of your transactions, when your ESO renewed on 20/05/2016, you will see that there is no payment made on the same date and it only went through on 13/06/2016.
    Me: at 0:51:00
    14 Mar 2016 POS 3270 11MAR16 , MICROSOFT , *XBOXLIVE , BILL.XBOX.COM IE - 8.99
    Me: at 0:51:16
    12 Apr 2016 POS 3270 11APR16 , MICROSOFT , *XBOXLIVE , BILL.XBOX.COM IE - 8.99
    Me: at 0:52:07
    12 May 2016 POS 3270 10MAY16 , MICROSOFT , *XBOXLIVE , BILL.XBOX.COM IE - 8.99
    Me: at 0:52:23
    so the payments are being taken a week before the renewal
    Henry: at 0:53:49
    No Me as we do not charge our customer before the service renews. It's the other way around. You started your ESO on 20/09/2015, correct?
    Me: at 0:54:56
    so what you tell me still make no sense as there would be reason to cause this problem until next month
    Me: at 0:55:16
    ie I made a payment 12 days ago
    Henry: at 0:56:53
    I understand. I'm just explaining you the reason and how we charge your account accordingly.
    Me: at 0:57:17
    ok here is the first payment...
    Me: at 0:57:18
    21 Sep 2015 POS 3270 20SEP15 , MSFT *XBOX LIVE , BILL.XBOX.COM IE - 8.99
    Henry: at 0:57:30
    I have checked your account here as well and aside from the pending charge, I can see that the ESO is still active Me.
    Me: at 0:57:37
    then from October
    Henry: at 0:58:24
    Correct and if you will check the October transaction, there was no payment made until 11/11/2015, right?
    Me: at 0:58:47
    ok so who is control of the payment collection?
    Me: at 1:00:05
    my bank balance would not be a problem
    Henry: at 1:00:07
    It's the system who does it. That is why I am explaining to you that your renewal for all the subscription is different from your billing account date.
    Me: at 1:00:57
    so you are telling me I am actually up to date with payments and another payment is due 12th ish july?
    Henry: at 1:01:16
    This means that even if your subscription renews every 20th, we are not charging you yet until the billing anniversary date of your account which is every 11th of the month.
    Me: at 1:02:10
    so what is the actual solution to the current predicament?>
    Henry: at 1:03:22
    Well since your membership for ESO is still active and you should be able to access it. Just to verify, when you access the subscription, are you getting any error message or code?
    Me: at 1:03:41
    "Not Active"
    Me: at 1:04:06
    the game doesn't fail, on the crown store it show the status of the subscription
    Henry: at 1:04:08
    Okay. I will try to refresh the subscription here and see if this will work.
    Me: at 1:04:23
    Henry: at 1:04:33
    First, you need to remove your profile in the console. Please go to Settings>> All Settings>> Account>> Remove Account
    Me: at 1:04:49
    Me: at 1:05:53
    ok removed
    Henry: at 1:06:17
    Alright. Now, please restart your console.
    Me: at 1:06:32
    just regular restart?
    Me: at 1:06:52
    i.e. though interface
    Henry: at 1:06:58
    Yes and once the console has restarted, please redownload your profile back. Double tap the GUIDE "Xbox logo" on the controller>> Sign In>> Add and Manage
    Me: at 1:07:06
    Henry: at 1:09:06
    How was it going Me?
    Me: at 1:09:30
    just putting in email pw
    Henry: at 1:09:56
    Alright. Then after please check and see if your ESO is now being recognized.
    Me: at 1:10:49
    will do
    Henry: at 1:13:24
    How was it going?
    Me: at 1:14:00
    Me: at 1:14:04
    still inactive
    Me: at 1:14:09
    Me: at 1:14:31
    is the information sent to my local machine or to the eso server?
    Me: at 1:14:58
    ie. the information about the subscription status
    Henry: at 1:15:11
    Hmm. That is strange. Well that should go the the developer server which is Bethesda.
    Me: at 1:15:35
    I guess they may have a lag
    Henry: at 1:15:37
    I have checked account here and I do not see any problem as the ESO on our system shows that it is still active.
    Me: at 1:15:43
    i can look again in the morning
    Henry: at 1:16:24
    Oh okay. I would suggest to contact Bethesda as well to verify this and I can provide you a Service Number in case you will need to contact us back, how was that?
    Me: at 1:16:54
    a service number would help I'll also email a transcript to myself to send on to them
    Henry: at 1:17:13
    Sure. Your Service Number is 1344775533
    Henry: at 1:17:19
    I have documented everything here for you so you don't need to explain everything in case you will need to contact us back.
    Henry: at 1:17:22
    To email this chat session to yourself please click the icon above the chat window:
    Henry: at 1:17:37
    While you are still here with me, will there be anything else?
    Me: at 1:17:54
    no you have been as help ful as you can be thanks :)
    Henry: at 1:18:05
    If that's everything, I thank you for contacting Xbox chat support. If you will need any assistance, feel free to contact us again and we will gladly help you anytime. We're open 24/7 on chat. Thank you for contacting Xbox Chat Support. Have a great day.
    Henry: at 1:18:09
    Bye for now!
    Henry: at 1:18:12
    Keep safe!
    Me: at 1:18:15
    info: at 1:18:14
    Chat session has been ended by the agent.
    info: at 1:18:16
    You are not currently in a chat session.
    system: at 1:18:24
    Chat already ended
    Jesus looks like a repeat of what I went thru. Here is what worked for me since eso is not going to help you. Hate to say it but it's true.
    Call Xbox and have them refund your last subscription payment then resubscribe manually thru the game while on the phone with them still. Restart Xbox. Problem solved. At least til next month :P
  • NewBlacksmurf
    I've had this almost exact interaction month over month.

    Keep at it and once it's resolved aid say to perhaps join my act of offering ZOS suggestions outside of ESO plus just for Xbox one.

    This is a big sore spot. In the end it should get resolved but stay persistent.
    -PC (PTS)/Xbox One: NewBlacksmurf
    ~<{[50]}>~ looks better than *501
  • Malsidius
    Lol, goodness - I'm going through the exact same action report.
  • Balibe
    TARAFRAKA wrote: »
    Jesus looks like a repeat of what I went thru. Here is what worked for me since eso is not going to help you. Hate to say it but it's true.
    Call Xbox and have them refund your last subscription payment then resubscribe manually thru the game while on the phone with them still. Restart Xbox. Problem solved. At least til next month :P

    I am thinking of cancelling and letting it run out. Then re-subscribe, then cancel and let it run out. I know it seems to be a pain but takes less time versus chatting with Microsoft support each month until it is resolved.
  • DrummondWarrior
    Same garbage for me now to... just happened to me today... Zos customer service support basically told me to Sod of and try restarting my Xbox... or contact Microsoft.... Conversation is pretty identical to yours with Microsoft -_- Cant believe at this point that I have given money to these arrogant dingleberries
    A man fails seven times and rises eight times.
  • DreadKnight
    Balibe wrote: »
    TARAFRAKA wrote: »
    Jesus looks like a repeat of what I went thru. Here is what worked for me since eso is not going to help you. Hate to say it but it's true.
    Call Xbox and have them refund your last subscription payment then resubscribe manually thru the game while on the phone with them still. Restart Xbox. Problem solved. At least til next month :P

    I am thinking of cancelling and letting it run out. Then re-subscribe, then cancel and let it run out. I know it seems to be a pain but takes less time versus chatting with Microsoft support each month until it is resolved.

    I'm having the same problems, ESO support say contact MS, MS say it's ESO's problem.

    Never had so much trouble trying to pay someone before, wait, why am I paying them?
  • DreadKnight
  • Karivaa
    They told me to contact Xbox. What?!
  • IXIVoodooIXI
    Exactly the same thing happening my end, i have had my subscription canceled by MS and now when i try to resub i get an error message. I getting seriously annoyed now its beyond a joke to be perfectly honest.
  • Nomad79
    MS text chat is very courteous but overall they were a waste of time for me. I ended up calling and resolving it that way. From what I've read here and from my own experience it seems like the only solution to this issue is to have MS refund your subscription and then resubscribe. I also made sure to reboot my console a time or two to make sure the old subscription wasn't still active before I resubscribed. In addition to that I got them to just go ahead and take my credit card info off their server all together So there is no auto renewal. From now on I'll just let the subscription lapse and then resubscribe with MS points.
  • Balibe
    Nomad79 wrote: »
    From now on I'll just let the subscription lapse and then resubscribe with MS points.
    I remember reading somewhere you must use a credit card on XB1for ESO+. I don't think the points are going to work, you may need to verify.

    If you cancel after re-subbing, it should not auto-renew. Then when is lapse's, re-sub and cancel. Rinse and repeat monthly.
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