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Veteran Maelstrom Arena - High Latency.


I have been an ESO Plus member on Xbox One since launch and have spent most of my time on a Magicka Sorc. I have close to 600 CP and a few different full gold gear setups. I've competed most of the dungeons in the game on vet and finished almost all of the standard PVE content (I am mostly a PVP player).

Yet, despite all of this, I am unable to even get close to finishing Veteran Maelstrom Arena.

My personal best has been to make it to the final boss without dying, but never past him. Since ThievesGuild/ DarkBrotherhood, the best I can do is the Rink of Frozen Blood.

The problem stems from performance... The games performance. During a standard run I might experience but not its limited to:
  • Massive delays when switching bars.
  • Horrendous frame rates.
  • mobs teleporting around.
  • Skills having to be cast slowly or they wont execute (Can't really animation cancel in there).
  • Game crashing (Like I'm in the middle of a 50 player Cyrodiil fight).
  • Game logging me out to character screen for no apparent reason.
  • Mobs losing animation and just standing there, but actually killing me.
  • My character sliding around slowly, stopping all skills until I come to a rest.
  • Game freezing for a second when an enemy dies.

Now I am to assume most of this is because I play on the USA server while living in Australia. I expect lag, but this is locking me out of the content and seems over the top. Especially for a supposed SOLO experience.

As you can imagine after dying a few dozen times and coming to the forums. I was all ready to go on a massive rant, but instead, I have decided to ask what other people who are also in this situation do.

Is there something I am missing? Any tricks to help with the lag? What are you all running? Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Here are my Detailed Network Statistics (Obviously they vary, but you get the idea):
  • Download Speed: 43.47Mbps.
  • Upload speed: 13.88Mbps.
  • Packet Loss: 0%.
  • MTU: 1480.
  • Latency: 224ms.
My ping is higher than your resource recovery...
  • Minute_Waltz
    Aus net here as well and it took me a week just to learn and beat the last boss. Which part of the fight are you failing at? Its hard with high ping but definitely doable, as now I can go get through the last boss even with 400-500 ping without any problems.

    1. You need to keep moving when boss is casting the ground crystal aoe, dodge roll it out wont work.
    2. Keep moving at crystal phase (so you don't get hit by lava, being reactive won't work here with high ping) and try to get all 3 down in one go (easily doable with mag sorc overload)
  • Azurya
    same issue here,
    although you should be alone in an area, MA, you have a latency that is worse as being in Cyro

    and yeah it is doable, but it sucks when you die inbetween due to lagging ....
  • Omgwtfbbq321
    I am on the Rink of Frozen Blood at the moment, just starting to get back into the arena since before Theives Guild, back when you had to do the whole thing at once.

    What gear do you recommend? I have available:
    • Law of Julianos (5 pieces).
    • Shroud of the Lich (5 pieces).
    • Kagrenac's Hope (5 pieces).
    • Arch-Mage (3 pieces).
    • Torug's pact (2 pieces).
    • Molag Kena (2 pieces).
    • Engine Guardian(2 pieces)

    I used to run 5 piece Julianios, 2 piece Molag Kena, 2 piece Torug's pact. But I feel that probably won't work with the new update?

    What skills? I have been having "some" luck with Wall of Elements and Lighting Flood..

    As for the Latency, that's just to the Xbox servers, not the ESO servers (I don't know how I'd do that on an xbox). I just had to do a full Xbox reset to get rid of the "Pause every time an enemy dies.." thing its been doing.

    Thanks again for the replies,

    My ping is higher than your resource recovery...
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