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Loading Screens And Lag

Once again, this game is almost unplayable. Constant loading screens and horrible lag.

You guys need to pull your heads out of you asses and actually address these issues. Instead you wait for the traffic to die down when players decide this game is to laggy to play and leave.

I've been a subscriber for 1 year now. I doubt very much I will be a subscriber next month.

I really want to love this game but you make it so hard to do so.

All I see is hate and rage from people who don't understand how to.....
  • Shardaxx
    Same for me and everyone I know, cyro seems unaffected but every other zone has loading screens, lag. Also crashing a lot more lately, game was so stable for the first 6 months after release, now its terrible!
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  • tennotsukai87
    Also, Activity Finder seems to be really slow during popular playing times. I can find a party using it within 10 minutes at 9 in the morning, but at 7 at night, it is unlikely I'll find anything within 3 hours.
  • Soulgirl
    Completely agree. The game is in a very bad state right now.
    Huge lag, stuttering, sound glitches, dungeon finder not working...and the list goes on...
    Time goes by and nothing has been done to resolve these issues.
    Zenimax please fix it!
    PC player on EU server.
  • kylewwefan
    Yes, the lag or latency has been very bad. Trials last nite were moving frame at a time. Load screens through wrothgar SMH. This game needs to be optimized for wireless internet connection on ps4 so bad.
  • Natetendo83
    It's really starting to get frustrating. People in our guild are talking about taking a brief break until they fix it.
  • xXNesTXx
    Same problem here, I am waiting for a fix for buy the DB DLC because the game is completly unplayable right now

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